Adam Cohen and Cœur de Pirate go symphonic

Two rising pop icons together on the same stage

Maison symphonique de Montréal
Ticket Prices
$40* to $105*
Concert dates
Simon Leclerc, conductor and orchestratorchef d’orchestre et orchestrateur
Adam Cohen, singerchanteur
Cœur de Pirate, singerchanteuse

Presentation of the concert

Adam Cohen: “. . . the kind of show of which myths are made, the kind of evening about which those who were there will speak for years to come, a moment of thanks, of truth.” (La Presse)

Coeur de pirate: “One recognized from the first album of Coeur de pirate that Béatrice Martin was unusually gifted.” (La Presse)

Come discover the greatest hits in orchestral dress of two singers who have conquered audiences and critics alike. A juxtaposition of worlds that promises to be exceptional, for two nights only!

Concert series
* Prices, artists, repertoire, and, concert dates and times may be modified without notice.

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