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    ET E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialMay 22 May, Tuesday 22 Who doesn’t remember that image of a young boy on a bicycle sailing past the full moon? Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1982, E. T. the

    BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH SYMPHONYMay 27 & 28 May, Sunday 27 The famous opening four-note figure launches the extraordinary music of Beethoven’s transcendent Fifth Symphony, a jewel of the symphonic

    BEETHOVEN’S “PASTORAL”May 29 May, Tuesday 29 Written only a few months before Beethoven realized his deafness was worsening, the composer’s Second Symphony radiates with unexpected humour and

    BEETHOVEN’S SEVENTH SYMPHONYMay 30 May, WEDNESDAY 30 The Seventh Symphony, described by Wagner as “the apotheosis of the dance,” is regarded as the most rhythmic of Beethoven’s symphonies.