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Here is the teaching guide



Myriam Allard, who will be performing during the concert, describes what flamenco is and demonstrates a few steps.



I. Discover the characters of Don Quixote’s Spanish Adventure


Maxime Denommée


His real name is Alonso Quiana. However in our story, he succombs to his imagination and becomes the courageous knight named Don Quixote! With his faithful squire, Sancho Panza, he embarks on an adventure to free the land of monsters and villains, all in the name of Dulcinea, the lady of his heart.


Sébastien Gauthier


Sancho is a funny man who likes to play and have fun. Called upon by Don Quixote to become his squire, he sets out on the journey with timidity and apprehension. But his friendship with Don Quixote is stronger than anything, and he will always want to protect him from danger and even sometimes, from himself!

Knight of the White Moon

Félix Monette Dubeau


Miguel, Don Quixote’s friend, doesn’t mind playing along. He transforms himself into the Great Enchanter and challenges Don Quixote to a battle, which will change the course of the story. In fact, Miguel wants to scare Don Quixote so that he may come back to reality and forget his impossible dreams.


Myriam Leblanc


She is Don Quixote’s true love. In his eyes, she is the most beautiful woman to have ever graced this earth. He wants to find her and dedicate to her all of his exploits. But can Dulcinea take life outside the pages of this story?

II. Listening guide to explore the works presented during the concert

Here is a PLAYLIST of the pieces that will be performed during the concert.

Debussy, Images pour orchestre: “Ibéria” (Through the streets and the paths)

José Evangelista, Airs d’Espagne: La alegría” and Calle de la botica”

De Falla, La vida breve, Act 2:Danza

Dance rythms are often found in Spanish music! Composers draw inspiration from traditional dances of various regions in Spain. Don’t you feel like dancing along?

Albéniz, Asturias (arr. for guitar and string orchestra by F. Moreno-Torroba)

Prokofiev, Symphony no. 5, op. 100: “Allegro marcato” (excerpts)

A symphony is a lengthy musical composition, generally consisting of multiple movements, which combines each family of instruments of the orchestra. This symphony by Russian composer Prokofiev will be performed during our concert when Sancho leaves to find his friends. When listening to these excerpts, do you think he is running quickly or walking slowly?

Mussorgsky, Night on Bald Mountain (arr. by N. Rimsky-Korsakov) (excerpt)

Takemitsu, Dreamtime (excerpt)

This work by Japanese composer Takemitsu alludes to dreams. Sometime, in our dreams, strange things happen. Does the music reflect this feeling? In our story, is Don Quixote in a dream? You will find out during the concert.

Ravel, Vocalise-étude en forme de habanera (arr. for voice and orchestra)

Sung without words, this vocal work inspired by Spanish music was composed by a great French composer of the early 20th century. In your opinion, it is associated to which character in our story?

Revueltas, Redes : « The fight » (excerpt)

The Mexican composer Sylvestre Revueltas composed this music for a film scene where there is a battle. Can you hear the action that takes place during the fight? Do you hear the brass section (trumpets, trombone, tuba and horns)?

Arvo Pärt, Fratres (version for strings and percussion) (excerpt)

Bizet, Carmen, Suite no. 1: “Aragonaise”

III. You can read the summary of each scene below.


A troupe of traveling performers turns up at Maison symphonique de Montréal to relate a tale in which dream and reality intermingle, where glory is a reward, and love is an absolute.


Alonso Quiana, who becomes literally possessed by the character of Don Quixote, launches himself, along with his comrades, into the famous narrative of the knight errant and his faithful squire, Sancho. His goal: freeing the land of monsters and wrongdoers, and doing so in the name of Dulcinea, the lady of his heart.



The companions set off on their adventure! On their way they must confront terrible giants…unless they’re only windmills, or maybe the rest of the troupe?



Sancho locates the other members of the troupe with the aim of finding a solution that will make Alonso see reason. Their idea: bring him face to face with the Great Enchanter!



Sancho returns to Don Quixote, who announces that a new threat is advancing towards them. Is it a witch? A dragon? A ferocious beast? A fresh confrontation is brewing.



After trying to attack Sancho, Don Quixote is gripped by visions and madness – at which point Dulcinea appears, to calm him down and restore his confidence. Don Quixote comes to his senses and is ready to carry on with the adventure.



He is now face to face with the Great Enchanter. It’s the final battle – the one where imagination and honour perhaps will triumph! But unfortunately, Don Quixote is fatally wounded. The story cannot go on – unless…


Découverte of Radio-Canada produced this documentary on the crossing of Mylène Paquette. You can learn much more on her adventure as well as see some pictures that she took while she was alone at see. In French.






Discover a castanet virtuoso interpreting Danza from La vida breve by Manuel de Falla.





An impressive version for solo guitar of Asturias by Isaac Albeniz, wouldn’t you agree?

This well-known work by Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz was originally written for the piano. Today, many versions exist for various types of ensembles. At the concert, you will hear a guitarist accompanied by the orchestra. When you listen to the music, do you think that Don Quixote is facing monsters or windmills?







Here is the teaching guide for Together on the beat!

Illustrations : Ge L’Heureux



Percussions will take centre stage during the concert Together on the beat! OSM Youth Concerts’ Ambassador Patrice Bélanger and Adam Johnson, Assistant Conductor of the OSM, present the largest section in the orchestra, the percussion family of instruments.


The percussion quartet TorQ presents in this video the different parts of the body clapping sequence. You can join them and the OSM during the show!




You can do music with anything around you! Even with…. Garbage bins! In this video, the percussion quartet TorQ plays the piece Stinkin’ Garbage that was especially composed for garbage bins! No kidding!



In an orchestra, you can often hear the timpani, the xylophone, and the bass drum, but they are certainly not the only percussion instruments that exist. Every region of the world has adopted various types of percussions that are played in different ways and for different reasons. Can you recognize the percussions in this video?



Composed in 1957 by Leonard Bernstein, West Side Story tells the sotry of two young lovers from rival street gangs in New York City. The mambo is a dance of Cuban origin, in 4/4 time, in which the dancers’ steps are mirror images of each other. Throughout the piece, the musicians in the orchestra shout “Mambo!”. Can you sing with them?



Percussions will be centre stage during the concert Together on the beat! Hugues Tremblay, OSM percussionist, presents the percussions of the orchestra in this video.






Adam Johnson, assistant conductor of the OSM

Born in Alberta, Adam Johnson holds a doctorate in (piano) performance from the Université de Montréal and won a conducting prize at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal.

He also studied at the Pierre Monteux School in Maine. After three seasons with the Calgary Philharmonic, where he was conductor-in-residence and then assistant conductor, he became the assistant conductor of the OSM in September 2016. In 2015, he received the Jean-Marie Beaudet Award in Orchestra Conducting from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Patrice Bélanger, host

A seasoned and famously spontaneous host, and an actor with a gift for both the poignant and the comedic, Patrice Bélanger was quick to make his mark.

Today, he has become a favourite personality among both children and adults. Whether as a television host on shows such as Banzaï, Les testeurs, and Sucré salé, or as a guest of honour at major events and festivals, Patrice excels at the art of sharing his joie de vivre and unwavering good humour. He is well-known for his film credits, including Bon Cop, Bad Cop, Les Lavigueur, la vraie histoire, Les Boys, and Lance et compte, la finale, and for his roles in the television series Mon ex à moi and Jean Béliveau.

TorQ Percussion Quartet

Since their founding in 2004, TorQ has been bringing new vitality to percussion repertoire through engaging and accessible performances. Its four members, all University of Toronto graduates, are committed to sharing their passion with both young and old while exploring an exciting and varied repertoire.

World premiere of whirly by Monica Pearce

Canadian composer Monica Pearce has a particular affinity for solo and chamber music, opera, and musical theatre.

Commissioned byt the TorQ Percussion Quartet with the support of the Ontario Arts Council, whirly is scored for plastic tubes – called “whirly tubes” in English and “tubes hurleurs” in French – that produce sound when they are spun around in the air; players can change the pitch by spinning the tubes faster or slower.




Brahms, Hungarian dance no. 5


Smetana, My Country : « The Moldau »


Arturo Márquez, Danzon no. 2




Let’s add some colour to the music! While you listen to an excerpt of your choice from The Carnaval of the Animals by Saint-Saëns, bring life to the image that illustrator Mika specially created for the occasion! During the concert, you will see how she interprets with her crayons the music played on the organ by Jean-Willy Kunz




How many pipes does the OSM organ have?


The organ at Maison symphonique de Montréal, inaugurated on May 28, 2014, was designed and built on behalf of the OSM by the organ builder Casavant Frères. The instrument bears the name Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique, in tribute to the OSM founder and first general manager (from 1939 to 1970). Discover the secrets of this elaborate instrument with Jean-Willy Kunz, the OSM organist in residence.

Organ and Space: Gaze up to the Heavens


From our planet to outer space and back again, only music can easily cross these bridges! Witness the moment when the astronaut Thomas Pesquet communicates live from the International Space Station communicates during an organ recital in May 2017.



A Disney movie about classical music?

That’s right! In the movie Fantasia 2000, every animated segment matches a classical music piece from different composers such as Beethoven and Stravinsky. Notice how in this excerpt the pink flamingos are in synch with the music in the final movement of The Carnaval of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns.




Jean-Willy Kunz, organist


Jean-Willy Kunz is the first Organist-in-Residence of the OSM. In addition to performing both with the Orchestra and in recital, he sees to the development and showcasing of the OSM’s Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique at the Maison symphonique de Montréal.

His discography reflects the broad range of his musical influences: solo organ; jazz quintet with organ; 20th-century French music for harpsichord, flute, and clarinet; Quebec popular song with Pierre Lapointe. In April 2016, he won a Juno Award in the category “Best Album of the Year – Large ensemble” for the album Symphony and Creations for Organ and Orchestra with the OSM and Olivier Latry (Analekta).

Jean-Willy Kunz holds a Doctorate in Organ Performance from McGill University and is organ professor at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal.

Mathieu Pichette, host


According to Wikipedia, Mathieu Pichette is not only recognized as a TV host, but also as a production designer, writer, director and actor. We recently saw him host the series Bizarroscope (Unis), Ô chalet (Unis) et Monsieur Homme (Explora) and as reporter in 100% animal (Télé-Québec), but we DID NOT see him direct the youth show Cochon-dingue because he was behind the camera.

Still according to Wikipedia, Mathieu was at the helm of the youth show Les pieds dans la marge and Le monde en gros, humoristic series airing on CBC’s French network. Prior to that, Mathieu was reporter and host of the show Volt (TFO) and he worked in a daycare (but not in that order).

According to Mathieu Pichette, Wikipedia is right, but he has no idea where they got all that information and it worries him a little.

Mika, illustrator


For the past fifteen years, Mika has illustrated one hundred-thirty-ish* youth books, from illustrative books for toddlers to novels for teenagers, passing by children literature.


Trained as a graphic designer, this illustrator is also author from time to time. In 2017, she won an illustration award presented by the Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières for the poem book Chacun sa fenêtre pour rêver.


As a child, Mika was fascinated by youth literature. To live, she needs books, sun, and chocolate, but she never mixes all three: it would be too dirty! **

*The illustrator does not only imagine other universes and characters, she also like to invent words.

**Mika like asterisk, because they look like snowflakes. Just like in the chocolate at times, she abuses of them. (The asterisk, not the snowflakes.)

Martin Gougeon, stage director


Martin Gougeon is a multidisciplinary artist. Though he played the cello in his youth, he chose theatre as his main avenue of artistic expression. He trained as an actor and appeared in over 30 productions. As a prolific director, he reaches spectators mainly through comedy. A guest artist at the Université du Québec à Rimouski, Martin Gougeon has also served as a dedicated educator for the last 20 years. As an author, he has published 13 volumes of Petit théâtre with Boomerang Jeunesse; two of these titles have been translated into Spanish. Since 2001, he has been Artistic Director of L’Ancien presbytère, a theatre company devoted to new works.


French Only.


What if we took a minute to consider the science part of science-fiction movies? At the heart of the cinematic repertoire, the boundaries of reality are consistently pushed back by new inventions or imaginary experiences. However, some of these creations which seemed impossible when the movies were filmed, turned out to be possible and have even been created!

Become a Foley Artist!

In cinema, as in radio or television, when we talk of foley, it designates the artificial reconstitution of noises to accompany the action. For example, we use foley (or special sound effects) when it is impossible to record a particular sound, like the blasters in the Star Wars movies. Watch how this Foley artist recreates that specific noise using a plastic cup and a slinky. Give it a try! Test your creativity by reproducing everyday sounds!

Percussions with unusual sounds

Discover these unfamiliar percussions used in an orchestra and in filmmaking, and that create some of the strangest sound effects!

Do you know your classical music?

In our video series on the Orchestra, showcasing OSM Youth Concerts’ Ambassador Patrice Bélanger and OSM assistant conductor Adam Johnson, you can discover the musicians in the Orchestra and even the invisible elements of music! Visit our OSM Education YouTube channel to learn more!

Playlist of the musical works in the concert

JERRY GOLDSMITH, Star Trek: « End Credits »

STRAUSS, Le beau Danube bleu, op. 314

JOHN WILLIAMS, E.T. Adventures on Earth

LIGETI, Atmosphères

ALAN SILVESTRI, Back to the future, Suite for orchestra


Nathan Brock, conductor


Originally from Toronto, Nathan Brock started his career in 2009 as conductor in residence of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. During his mandate, he contributed to revitalize the youth concerts, for which he won an Opus award in 2011. As guest conductor, Nathan Brock has performed with prestigious orchestras in Canada as well as the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire, the Turin Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin’s Komische Oper, the Opera and Royal Ballet of Sweden and the Orchestre National d’Île-de-France. He is currently Kapellmeister at Hamburgische Staatsoper.


Student of Johannes Schlaefli in Zurich, his career path has also been influenced by Kent Nagano, Bernard Haitink and Jorma Panula. Besides his numerous feats as a musician, Nathan Brock also holds a degree in history and international relations from the University of Toronto.

Nathan Brock, conductor


A graduate of the École nationale de théâtre, André Robitaille performs with brilliance equally in acting, stage direction, animation and humour. Bright and alive, he has animated many televised games as well as the prix Gémeaux in 2007. As an actor, he distinguishes himself just as much in youth series than dramatic ones and in movies where he performed title roles in L’âge des ténèbres by Denis Arcand and Bon Cop, Bad Cop, among others. A regular on the stage, he has participated to over twenty major theatre productions as an actor and staged many comedies. His excellence as animator has granted him these past years five Métrostar and six Prix Gémeaux.