Month: November 2018

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Mass in B minor

Johann Sebastian Bach’s monumental Mass in B minor, completed in the last years of his life, exceeds in scope and surpasses in musical quality all that had been written until then in terms of sacred musical genres. This peerless masterpiece is also shrouded in mystery, as Bach-Archiv director Christoph Wolff remarked in relation to the... Read more »

Four questions for Fred Pellerin

Fred Pellerin is back at the Maison symphonique in December for another one of his fabulous tales. At Les jours de la semelle, under the direction of Kent Nagano, magic awaits! In four questions, the OSM's favourite storyteller paints a picture of years of collaboration with the OSM.   This is your fourth Christmas concert... Read more »

To know more about Alain Altinoglu

Music before words Alain Altinoglu is a French conductor of Armenian descent. Born into a family of musicians, he learned notes before he learned letters, and Armenian before French. At a young age, he received an introduction to the piano from his mother, who among other things, could boast of having been the first person... Read more »

Music according to David Afkham

What does one conductor learn from another? Thirty-five. The age a hockey player thinks about retirement. Also the age of the youngest guest conductor who will be appearing with the OSM this fall. But David Afkham will be bringing with him the advice, support and experience of a number of leading conductors, including Valeri Guerguiev... Read more »