5 ways to enjoy the OSM differently

During current lockdown solidarity measures, the arts play a very special role in bringing you comfort, appeasement and serenity. The OSM is hard at work to deliver the best in classical music in a range of alternative formats: rebroadcasts of concerts you can view from your living room, close encounters with musicians, or musically themed quizzes and crosswords—there is no shortage of ideas for you to keep pace with the OSM. Here are 5 ways to stay in touch with your orchestra in the coming months:

1. Symphonic concerts in the comfort of your own home

The OSM is making rebroadcasts of the Orchestra’s concerts available free of charge, three times a week, at the same rhythm as its normal season programming! These are moments of intense emotion to immerse you in the symphonic repertoire and transport you to international destinations: footage of OSM concerts on tours, concerts that mark historic occasions, and of course, concerts in the OSM’s home, the Maison symphonique. Part of this programming is designed for young audiences. Simply enjoy these must-see performances from your home; video streaming is available for 48 to 72 hours.


2. Stay for a piece … in our musicians’ living rooms

A professional athlete never stops training, even temporarily, and the same applies to OSM musicians who continue to practise fervently at home. To reach out to you, they have offered to share part of their daily lives via the medium of video, and include the performance of a piece, some of their practice time, or a discussion about the repertoire. In short, there are many opportunities to enjoy these musicians’ talents and generosity. Now available for your viewing and listening pleasure: a long-distance duo featuring our OSM Concertmaster Andrew Wan and TSO Concertmaster Jonathan Crow; a trio by Copland with violinist Ann Chow and her children; a folk piece by clarinetist André Moisan as he prepares maple taffy … our musicians never lack imagination to enthrall you! Discover new video capsules each week and get to know OSM musicians up close!


3. Since we can’t cross paths, let’s cross words!

Since December 2019, the OSM has included musically themed crossword puzzles in some of its concert programs. This is an initiative to help concertgoers improve their musical knowledge, with a playful touch. We have published the puzzles, along with their solutions on the OSM website for everyone to enjoy honing their crossword-solving skills during the lockdown! In addition to crossword puzzles, every week we publish musically themed quizzes of various levels of difficulty, including specially designed ones for children! It is a great way to learn, have fun and get even closer to the OSM.

4. A “Symphonic Confinement” playlist designed especially or you

The OSM has curated several lists of works to accompany you in this period of social distancing. From the serenity of Debussy’s La mer to the sensuality of Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, through famous works such as the Boléro, Romeo and Juliet and even Schubert’s “Unfinished” Symphony. It is a rich, intense, and emotionally profound anthology of works connecting the worlds of dreams and reality. Some of these playlists allow children to discover the wonderful world of classical music through the most famous gems of the repertoire. Seize this opportunity to visit our online store and rediscover the OSM’s vast and rich discography of more than a hundred albums.

5. An Introduction to Music at Home!

Many of us find ourselves with free time on our hands … why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language? And why not acquire the universal language of music, which unites us, knows no distance, and brings us joy and comfort? The Education pages of our website offer tools to help you learn the language of music. The first, fundamental step is to listen to classical music. That is why we offer you playlists and rebroadcasts of concerts geared especially towards young people and learners. Having fun while you learn is essential, and our multiple-choice questionnaires will delight you while broadening your knowledge. Finally, teaching guides and educational videos complete the picture, demystifying those special musical terms: dynamics, tempo and timbre will hold no more secrets for you. The only remaining step would be to learn an instrument!


The OSM is committed to new and imaginative activities adapted to all needs, transporting you to the heart of the Orchestra. Improve your knowledge and appreciation of what we have to offer by visiting osm.ca and take advantage of content updated each day … as we await the moment to greet you in person at the concert hall!