Tambour heureux

This year, the 8th edition of the OSM’s Bal des enfants pays you a visit right in your home. The theme is magic: in collaboration with magician Daniel Coutu, the Orchestra conducted by Thomas Le Duc-Moreau will perform to the often-astonishing rhythm of a magic wand. Recorded live at the Maison symphonique de Montréal, this year the concert fully adapts to the circumstances and to Public Health directives. All funds raised from this benefit concert will go to support the OSM’s mission of education and accessibility.




Maestro magique

How are donations used?

All funds raised in connection with the Bal des enfants are destined to support the OSM’s missions of education and accessibility. They enable the OSM to continue to develop its future audiences by offering an early introduction to classical music, to implement inclusive projects in the community, especially with those who stand to benefit the most, to support younger generations of local musicians and to offer broadly accessible summer programming.

Despite the current situation, the OSM continues to develop initiatives to maintain its connection to the community: even with the lockdown, in the past year the OSM was able to implement several features that increased access to the Orchestra:

  • The OSM Competition supporting the next generation of musicians was deployed in digital form;
  • Educational material for youth, accessible to all was made available on our website at;
  • Reaching out to our music-loving public and introducing classical music to new audiences via digital platforms such as our web talk show Never Too Classical; live performances by our musicians on social media; free broadcasts of major concerts, and other initiatives;
  • The Summer Neighbourhoods concert series, bringing music into the community;
  • The annual Bal des enfants was maintained in digital form through donations of webcast links to organizations working with families in need.

Your donations are crucial to maintaining our momentum as we prepare innovative initiatives for the summer of 2021, including the Classical Spree, back in full force while adapting to sanitary measures, and another edition of Summer Neighbourhoods.