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Jordan de Souza: when the musical score reveals the human being

On May 18 and 19, the OSM welcomes the young Canadian conductor Jordan de Souza for the first time. Jordan’s infectious energy and meticulous approach are sure to result in a memorable experience for audiences at the Maison symphonique. Montreal: city of his heart Jordan’s parents left Goa, India, during the 1970s to settle in Montreal,... Read more »

The OSM unveils its Eco-responsibility Policy

On this Earth Day, the OSM is proud to unveil its very first Eco-responsibility Policy. This commitment will guide us for the next few years in the improvement of all our practices. You will be able to follow our actions and our progress in the coming months on our social media and in our official... Read more »


Together with the greater Quebec and Canadian population, our Music Director Rafael Payare, our musicians, and our administrative personnel continue to be distraught and outraged by the atrocities committed by Russian armed forces in Ukraine. From the earliest days of this brutal and senseless offensive, the OSM declared its support to the people of Ukraine,... Read more »

The Rewritings of Notre-Dame de Paris

By Guillaume Goron The first edition of Notre-Dame de Paris appeared in 1831, titled Notre-Dame de Paris. 1482. It followed a trend in France for historical novels inspired by the popular Ivanhoe and Quentin Durward of Sir Walter Scott. Thus, beginning in 1828, the publisher Gosselin commissioned a historical saga from a successful young writer, Victor... Read more »

Zubin Mehta: A Life Devoted to Music

By Benjamin Goron Last February 5, OSM Conductor Emeritus Zubin Mehta took the podium at the Maison symphonique for a historic concert, 60 years after leading the Orchestra on its first international tour. Maestro Mehta gave pride of place to Wagner and Brahms in a richly evocative evening. The event will be webcast starting February... Read more »

Gemma New: Together as one through music

by Gabriel Paquin-Buki Orchestras especially are the great example of what humanity can achieve when united. – Gemma New “The Great Gate of Kiev” opens that of music Gemma New was born on December 27, 1986, in Wellington, New Zealand. She delved directly into classical music in childhood through violin practice, an instrument her mother... Read more »

The World of Richard Reed Parry and the Bell Orchestre

Bell by Gabriel Paquin-Buki The inimitable Bell Orchestre will be at the Maison symphonique on November 25 to present their new album House Music, in an orchestral version with the musicians of the OSM. We asked the group’s bassist, Richard Reed Parry, a few questions. You introduce yourselves as 6 musicians from different musical backgrounds. Can... Read more »

In search of Romani Music with Brahms

by Gabriel Paquin-Buki After experiencing first-hand the savour of Romani music (formerly called “Gypsy” music), many composers found in it a tremendous source of inspiration. Among these composers, Brahms was one of the first to seriously incorporate this folk music in his works, notably his Violin Concerto. The following text explains how the young Brahms... Read more »

Lionel Bringuier: Born to Conduct

by Gabriel Paquin-Buki A family matter Lionel Bringuier was born on September 24, 1986, in Nice, to music-loving parents who were not themselves musicians. His father was an engineer and his mother, a teacher; nothing immediately suggested that the young Lionel would grow up to lead a spectacular career in music. But thanks to his... Read more »

David Sela and Andrew Wan: when giving turns into friendship

by Benjamin Goron By responding affirmatively to Maestro Nagano’s request in 2008, patron David Sela did not suspect that the procurement of a 1744 violin would open the door to a heartfelt and lasting friendship with OSM Concertmaster Andrew Wan. Over the last 12 years, both patron and artist have shared a common passion for... Read more »