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In search of Romani Music with Brahms

by Gabriel Paquin-Buki After experiencing first-hand the savour of Romani music (formerly called “Gypsy” music), many composers found in it a tremendous source of inspiration. Among these composers, Brahms was... Read more »

Lionel Bringuier: Born to Conduct

by Gabriel Paquin-Buki A family matter Lionel Bringuier was born on September 24, 1986, in Nice, to music-loving parents who were not themselves musicians. His father was an engineer and... Read more »

Birdsong, Unending Source of Inspiration

by Benjamin Goron Since time immemorial, humans have been fascinated by birdsong and its immeasurable variety of timbres, pitches, and melodic and rhythmic motifs. Composers have reserved a place of... Read more »

A day of rehearsals with Rafael Payare

Through this series of photos, the OSM invites you to discover a rehearsal with its new Music Director, Rafael Payare. The pictures were taken on January 12, 2021, during rehearsals for... Read more »

Marie-Nicole Lemieux: A Season with the OSM Family

A regular guest of the most prestigious international concert venues, contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux is Artist-in-Residence with the OSM* for the 2020–2021 season. This residency has given her the opportunity to... Read more »