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Johann Sebastian Bach’s Mass in B minor

Johann Sebastian Bach’s monumental Mass in B minor, completed in the last years of his life, exceeds in scope and surpasses in musical quality all that had been written until then in terms of sacred musical genres. This peerless masterpiece is also shrouded in mystery, as Bach-Archiv director Christoph Wolff remarked in relation to the... Read more »

François-Xavier Roth, master of his art

Music: an accessible art for everyone Conductor François-Xavier Roth is a master of his art, in both the way he practices it and the ease with which he places it in context. He knows where he’s going, knows how to get there and eloquently communicates his passion along the way. He sees music as a... Read more »

Juraj Valčuha returns to the OSM

The first question that usually pops up about this name is how to pronounce it. In English, “č” is “ch,” so we would say: Yoorai Valchooah. While only in his early forties, this fast-rising conductor who hails from Bratislava, Slovakia can already boast of having conducted some of the world’s greatest orchestras. A larger-than-life symphony... Read more »

String Quartet 101

This year, the Fine Arts Quartet will be performing at the Classical Spree. This presents an excellent opportunity to examine the string quartet, a subtle musical form that is still alive and well two centuries after its birth.   What is a string quartet? Comprising two violins, a viola, and a cello, the string quartet... Read more »

5 Reasions to See E.T. Again – with an Orchestra!

Who doesn’t remember that image of a young boy on a bicycle sailing past the full moon? Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1982, E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial left its mark on an entire generation. Let yourself be moved once again by the touching encounter between Elliott and that ultra-lovable creature from outer space, to the... Read more »

Lapointe symphonique (Éric Lapointe et l’OSM)

10-lapointe CONDUCTOR Scott Price COMPOSER Mahler ARTISTS Éric Lapointe et l'OSM WORKS 13 songs of the best songs by Éric Lapointe Company Instinct Musique Series Number B005T035QW Recording 1er novembre 2011 LINKS