1. The OSM gives students the opportunity to become familiar with the world of classical music by attending innovative and stimulating educational concerts presented live from the Maison symphonique and on digital platforms.

Through teaching guides, online resources and educational activities, students discover the instruments, composers and great works of the symphonic repertoire.

The Orchestra in All Its Forms!

From 2021 January 25, 9:00 a.m.

Guided by our hosts Isabeau Blanche and Pierre-Louis Renaud, we will delve into the heart of the orchestra and get to know its four families of instruments, its history and some of its secrets!

Under the baton of Thomas Le Duc-Moreau who conducts a selection of works by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and many others, we will learn how composers took inspiration from the world around them and conveyed their emotions through music. From the Classical symphony to film music, including modern music and program music, we will find out all about this, while having fun with The Orchestra in All Its Forms!

Your viewing will include a bilingual digital educational kit, which includes preparatory activities for your viewing, learning material to do after the concert as well as a concert guide for your students.

Thomas Le Duc-Moreau, Assistant Conductor of the OSM

Isabeau Blanche, actor
Pierre-Louis Renaud, actor
Martin Gougeon, author and stage director


Duration: 50 min
Recommended for cycles two and three of elementary school
The concert itself will be presented in French. However, the educational kit will be available in French and in English.
An OSM production


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