Honour Circle

Donate to the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

The Orchestre symphonique de Montréal is a premier cultural institution and one of the leading orchestras of the world.

A not-for-profit organisation, the OSM generates over 60% of its budget as earned revenue – which includes individual gifts, corporate sponsorships, and ticket sales. The development team is striving to exceed its 2019-2020 fundraising goal of $3,500,000.00.

Thank you for supporting your Orchestra !

Experience the OSM
front-row centre and witness its development firsthand as a member of one of its privileged Circles, by sponsoring an artist, or supporting a specific project.

Honour Circle
and Maestro Circle members enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to the Honour Lounge at intermission, private visits, chats and cocktails with OSM musicians, and much more!

What a privilege to count on the support of our loyal patrons! Thank you!

Toqué! Cocktails


A gift of $2,000 allows you to:


  • Become an Honour Circle member
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits
  • Enhance your concert-going experience: access to the Honour Lounge at intermission, dedicated phone line at the box office, priority access to the best seats, etc.

Maestro events


A gift of $10,000 allows you to:


  • Be recognized as a member of the prestigious Maestro Circle
  • Enjoy tailor-made events and benefits, and closer access to the OSM musicians and to Maestro Nagano

Chamber music concerts


A gift of $25,000 allows you to:


Sponsor an artist:

  • OSM Musician
  • Guest soloist
  • Assistant Conductor
  • OSM Chorus


Support a specific project:

  • OSM Classical Spree
  • OSM Manulife Competition
  • Youth Matinees
  • Commission a new work


  • Tax benefits
  • Official recognition
  • Honour circle «VIP» service
  • Ehanced concert experience
  • Contact with OSM artists
  • Invitations to exclusive events

For more details:


View the 2019-2020 Honour circle events calendar


Provincial Tax Credit for a First Large Cultural Donation

Did you know that the tax credit for a first large cultural donation has been extended until December 31, 2022? In fact, the government of Québec offers a credit of 25% for any individual gift of $5,000 to $25,000 to a cultural organization, such that the actual cost of the gift is less than a quarter of the total amount. A unique opportunity to multiply the impact of your donation for the OSM!

The table below demonstrates how you could be saving whilst increasing your contribution to the OSM:

Gift to

the OSM

Federal credit Provincial credit

Extras credit

of 25%

Total credit Net cost of the gift
$2,000 $552 $472 $1,024 $976
$3,000 $842 $712 $1,554 $1,446
$4,000 $1,132 $952 $2,084 $1,916
$5,000 $1,422 $1,192 $1,250 $3,864 $1,136
$10,000 $2,872 $2,392 $2,500 $7,764 $2,236
$15,000 $4,322 $3,592 $3,750 $11,664 $3,336
$20,000 $5,772 $4,792 $5,000 $15,564 $4,436
$25,000 $7,222 $5,992 $6,250 $19,464 $5,536

*An extra tax allowance might be available for an annual income above $202,800 (2017 year tax).

Please note that this credit can be declared only once in a lifetime, and that it needs to be a monetary donation, of one or several payments during the same fiscal year.

Please find further information on Revenu Québec web site.

Gift of listed securities

A gift of listed securities is a simple and efficient way to contribute to the OSM whilst saving on income tax. By making a gift of listed securities to the OSM, you may be entitled to an inclusion rate of zero on any capital gain realized on such gifts.


For more details, browse the Canada Revenue Agency’s website

Please ask an expert advise : the OSM strongly encourages you to consult with a specialized professionnal to make sure your objectives take in consideration your profile, and that your decision is adapted to your financial and fiscal situation.    


For more information about the Honour Circle and underwriting specific projects, please contact us:

By email: [email protected]
By telephone: 514 840-7448