Kent Nagano will be passing the torch in 2020

The OSM and Kent Nagano announced today that the conductor will not be extending his term as musical director beyond 2020. Maestro Nagano will continue to lead the Orchestra for the next three years. The OSM intends to continue its relationship with Maestro Nagano at the end of his mandate so that the public and the organization can keep in touch with the Maestro who ultimately will have spent 16 memorable years with the OSM and forever marked the history of the Orchestra.


Lucien Bouchard, chair of the OSM’s board of directors, highlighted the outstanding achievements of the conductor, adding that Kent Nagano will “leave an indelible mark on the institution”, praising Maestro Nagano’s leadership, creativity and discipline.


And so, for the next three seasons, Kent Nagano and the OSM will continue to achieve many exciting projects together. The OSM intends to continue its mission and will continue to push the limits of possibilities, as it has always done.