The Orchestra in all its forms!

The Orchestra in all its forms!

Through these five interactive activities to be carried out before and after viewing the concert, let’s discover and learn more about a symphony orchestra, periods in the history of music, instruments, composers and much more!

The orchestra: A family affair!

Let’s discover the four main instrument families and the instruments that make up the orchestra. From strings to percussion, harp and octobass.

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The Orchestra Throughout Time

Let’s discover the evolution of the orchestra over the years. For each period, you will find the social universe of Quebec and become familiar with the composers and musical characteristics of the various artistic currents.

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Inspector Maestro

Take up the challenge of finding the 14-digit secret code! Using the information in the previous activities, let’s deploy our sense of observation and carry out our investigation.

Maestro needs us!

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Now is the time to listen to the concert : The Orchestra in All Its Forms!

My Music Review

Let’s work on our critical approach!

After listening and viewing the concert The Orchestra in all its forms, translate into words the emotions you have felt a share your opinion in an article, just like a real journalist.

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If I were a musician…

Now that we know more about the symphony orchestra, its different families of instruments and composers, with If I were a musician, we can imagine ourselves as a musician in a symphony orchestra, in the era we choose. Sharpen your pencils!

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To expand your students’ knowledge of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, use our introductory guide to the Orchestra.

To learn more about the Orchestra in all its many forms, click here.


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