Lorenzo Viotti: An Art Combining Vigour and Chiaroscuro

At less than 30 years of age, Swiss conductor Lorenzo Viotti already leads the most prestigious orchestras in the world. Athletic, curious, elegant, he makes an impression wherever he goes. From December 11 to 15, 2019, the OSM will have the opportunity to work with this young and dynamic conductor who stops at nothing to achieve symbiosis with the musicians. This is a portrait of a young and more than promising conductor.

The play of light and shadow

Lorenzo is the son of famous conductor Marcello Viotti. He began studying percussion and orchestral conducting — together — in Lyon, Vienna, and subsequently Weimar, deftly reconciling these two highly different disciplines. For percussionists are somewhat in retreat of the orchestra; they must observe and study their colleagues’ work, contemplating from their unobtrusive perspective what gives life to the ensemble’s playing. A conductor, on the other hand, is right in the middle of the action, ready to react to the most subtle changes. By combining these two forces, Lorenzo Viotti has acquired over the years the renown of a conductor who truly listens to his musicians. Between 2012 and 2017, his many international orchestral conducting prizes effectively propelled his career.

A well-rounded musician, open to all repertoires.

In April 2019, Lorenzo Viotti was named Principal Conductor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, which immediately confers extra functions as conductor of the Netherlands National Opera and Netherlands Chamber Orchestra. The young artist considers this as a windfall: he approaches conducting as a chamber musician, and he has amassed experience with symphony orchestras as well as opera companies, being a great fan of lyric art as well. When he was younger, he also took voice training, enabling him today to adapt his approach to vocal artists’ needs. On the strength of these experiences, he has evolved into a complete, well-rounded conductor committed to the mission of developing ideas within a wide range of repertoires. Lorenzo Viotti considers that the fundamental factor, the common thread that runs through and invigorates the conductor’s craft is to challenge each new programme, whether the works are familiar or not. In short, never limiting oneself to simply accompanying or coordinating an ensemble of musicians.

I put a lot of time and care into preparing my programmes because I believe that each concert could be the last.

Lorenzo Viotti

A pronounced taste for elegance … and for surpassing expectations

Sporting perfectly adjusted, supple and impeccable attire … it is always with grace and elegance that Lorenzo Viotti steps up to the podium. One notices the same grace in his gestures: completely engaged with the music, dancing, brimming over with the energy of continuous exchange, the music inhabits and guides him in conveying to the orchestra the essence of each moment. His highly dynamic gestures also reveal a serious athlete behind the sensitive artist: an adept of gymnastics, handball, boxing, and tennis, Lorenzo Viotti never ceases to amaze! Come hear for yourself as the young conductor leads the OSM on December 11, 14 and 15 alongside that master of the piano Yefim Bronfman, in works by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Zemlinsky.

Enjoy the concert!

© Benjamin Goron