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Time To Say Goodbye : A Final Word From Our CEO


Dear friends,

After almost 25 years as CEO of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, it is with great emotion that I see a major chapter in my career coming to an end. Serving the OSM has been an immense honour and contributing to its excellence and renown, an enormous source of pride.

Throughout my time here, I was incredibly fortunate to work alongside and meet exceptional, dedicated individuals, both within our teams and among our public and private partners. I must also highlight what a wonderful audience you have been and continue to be. Your presence and support have been a tremendous source of motivation and joy over the years.

We have lived through some pivotal moments together—sometimes challenging, often joyful, but always with intensity. Our unity and resolve have helped us overcome major challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and navigate the occasional ups and downs in the cultural sector.

Of all the memorable events during my tenure, a few are particularly special to me: the construction of the Maison symphonique, a true jewel in the heart of Montreal; the implementation of ambitious educational and inclusive projects like La musique aux enfants and OSMose; and the appointments of Kent Nagano in 2006 and Rafael Payare in 2021.

For all the work accomplished over these 25 years, I would like to  thank the administrative team, our volunteers, donors, public and private partners, the Orchestra and its musical director, Rafael Payare, as well as the board of directors. I offer special thanks to you, our dear and loyal audience. Without you, the OSM would not be what it is today.

On June 30, I will leave my position with a twinge of sadness but also a humble sense of accomplishment. The Orchestra, its artisans, its audience, and its future will always be in my thoughts. I hand over the reins to Mélanie La Couture, who served in the OSM administration from 2002 to 2013 with skill and dedication. I leave fully confident that the OSM is in excellent hands!

I look forward to seeing you at the Maison symphonique to enjoy our Orchestra’s exceptional concerts, which, I have every confidence, will continue to bring us joy and intense emotions for many years to come.

Warmest regards,

Madeleine Careau