OSM Polyphonique

With this immersive sound journey in augmented reality, the OSM invites you to take place among the musicians during a concert. Find yourself enthralled by the incredible complexity of musical compositions and the work of musicians from the comfort of your living room!

You are also welcome to discover this experience at the Espace OSM. Right next to the Maison symphonique, this completely free venue allows visitors to explore the rich history of the OSM and learn more about this vibrant, modern and visionary orchestra.

Walk around, listen and observe the music that surrounds you!

This unique experience to try on an iPad or iPhone equipped with earphones, invites you to stroll among the Orchestra’s instruments and to experience precise acoustical perspectives, as if you were in the musicians’ and performers’ shoes – or rather, ears.

Each family of instruments and their seating layout are magnificently illustrated with allusive shapes animated by the rhythms of the musical works.

The OSM aims to offer an alternative musical experience beyond the concert hall with the help of new technologies. Using WalkThruMusic™ technology created by musician Zack Settel and 6Dmusic Inc., OSM Polyphonique is an interactive, spatialized sound experience. Animation and visual design are created by Dpt. interactive studio.

The OSM is proud to collaborate on the SAV+R research project led by the Metalab of the Society for Arts and Technology. At the conclusion of the project in 2022, a new technique for recording navigable music scenes will be developed and you will be able to use it on this application.

Download the OSM Polyphonique app for free and let yourself be immediately transport onstage with the musicians at the heart of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal!