Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts

Violin solo

Richard Roberts began learning the violin … because a pretty girl at school played the instrument! They attended the same classes. Richard later went on to study at the University of Indiana with Josef Gingold and János Starker, and with Ivan Galamian and Henryk Szeryng in Geneva. A Concertmaster for the Orchestra, he is also an editor at Ovation Press specializing in string instruments and is on faculty at McGill University.

Joined the OSM in: 1982

Model of instrument: Francesco Gobetti (Venice), 1702

Hometown: Charleston (West Virginia)

First musical love: Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto

Favourite composer: The one who composed what I played last week. In other words … it keeps changing!

Favourite works: Mozart’s operas, R. Strauss’ tone poems and Schubert’s Lieder

Interests: Woodworking and home renovation

If you hadn’t chosen to become a musician, you would be …: A furniture builder