Suggested itineraries

For a few dazzling days in August to the rhythm of music, tens of thousands of footsteps will lead to Place des Festivals. Rather than let your footsteps wander, follow attractive itineraries tailored specially for you!  Montrealers and music lovers from La Belle Province and beyond: the OSM Classical Spree is your festival, so come out and enjoy!

André’s Favourites

From the grand opening event to the final concert, get the full Classical Spree experience!

Spanning the festival’s four days, André Robitaille has cooked up a programme of defining moments for your pleasure. From the magnificence of Verdi’s Requiem to the intimacy of quartets by Haydn and Bartók, from the scintillating virtuoso Vadim Repin to shimmering Bhangra dance workshops: a marathon of music, dance and humour, and a breath of joy at the heart of your summer!

Wednesday August 7

8:00 P.M. | Olympic Park
Verdi’s Great Requiem
Free concert

Friday August 9

5:00 P.M. | Place des Arts
La Virée d’André


6:30 P.M. | Maison symphonique
Legend and Poetry with Marc Hervieux and Kent Nagano

Saturday August 10

5 P.M. | Piano Nobile
Quartets by Haydn and Bartók


6:45 P.M. | Cinquième Salle
The Extraordinary Vadim Repin in Recital

To come | Sainte-Catherine Street
bhangra dance | Free

Youth Itinerary

Jump feet first into one epic musical hopscotch!

By skips or giant steps, kids can also access the amazing universe of classical music. All Saturday long, a whole range of concerts and activities provide dynamic and diverse opportunities for your children to be anything they want: storytellers, musicians, athletes or painters. It’s time to awaken their calling as explorers of classical music!

Saturday August 10

10:30 A.M. | BAnQ Grande Bibliothèque
L’Heure du conte | Free

Sainte-Catherine Street
Instruments test Twigg | Free

1:00 P.M. | Cinquième Salle
Play a Story with Sophie Cadieux!

3:15 P.M. | Piano Nobile
Recorders on the Run

Sainte-Catherine Street
Rest area and participative mural | Free

10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. | ECGEL Galery
Reading corner and DIY workshop | free

Great Classics Itinerary

Follow the purple carpet leading to classical music greats!

Bach, Mozart, Ravel … the classical tradition’s greatest composers are just around the corner! The OSM Classical Spree is also an opportunity to be transported by timeless masterpieces whose melodies are so familiar that sometimes we hum them without even realizing where they originated. Experience classical music coming to life right before your eyes, all weekend long!

Saturday August 10

11:15 A.M. | Piano Nobile
Bach’s Majestic Cello Suite no. 1

2:30 P.M. | Complexe Desjardins
Symphonie de la Virée | Free

To come | Espace OSM
Pierre-Béique Organ in VR | free

5:30 P.M. | Maison symphonique
The Phantasmagorical Night on Bald Mountain

7:15 P.M. | Maison symphonique
Kent Nagano Conducts Bartók and Ravel

Rhythms and Colours Itinerary

Adventurers of sound: dare to break the boundaries of classical music!

The Classical Spree can also mean venturing off the beaten path, discovering musical worlds that resound with many voices. The conviviality of Innu traditions, the serenity of Indian music, jazz fusion, Mahler revisited: tradition and innovation speak as one on this musical itinerary. Together, let’s celebrate the languages, rhythms and colours that enrich our great city a little more each day.

Friday August 9

6:45 P.M. | Cinquième Salle

8:30 P.M. | Piano Nobile
Colours of India and of the Sitar

Saturday August 10

10:30 A.M. | Complexe Desjardins
Collectif9 | Free

1:00 P.M.  Maison symphonique
The OSM: From Prokofiev to Glenn Miller

3:15 P.M. | Maison symphonique
From One Style to the Next: Jazz, Folk and Beyond

10:30 A.M. and 12:00 A.M. | Sainte-Catherine street
yoga | Free

2 P.M. | Théâtre Maisonneuve
Rumble, 2017 documentary film by Catherine Bainbridge | Free