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In April 1948, Pierre Béique, OSM General Manager, founded a Ladie’s Committee of a dozen women. In 1965, it was renamed the Volunteer committee to make way for men who also wanted to make their contribution. This committee is now called the Association des bénévoles de l’OSM.


Since its inception, the Association has played an essential role in the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal by getting involved in a number of different projects related to the educational and musical activities.

Whether on a regular basis or more occasionally, our 150 volunteer members support the activities of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM) enthusiastically and with dedication. In so doing they contribute to making the classical-music repertoire better known and to maintaining the OSM’s excellent reputation. Becoming a volunteer with the OSM can be an exhilarating adventure for people seeking to get involved and to make their skills available to an artistic and musical cause.

For more information, dial 514 840-7400 #7439 and leave a message. Or email us at benevole@osm.ca.



. The OSM Manuvie Competition (formerly OSM Standard Life Competition) is open to young Canadian musicians since 1937.  It gives them a springboard to international competitions.  Several hundred prize-winners are now well known on the national and international scenes.  The work of the volunteers contributes substantially to the success of the Competition.


. The Youth Concerts, founded by Wilfrid Pelletier in 1935, have reached thousands of school children, teaching them how to appreciate classical music and how to distinguish a symphony from a concerto, a cello from a violin.  Volunteers visit the schools before each concert to prepare the students for the experience of listening to an orchestra and to stimulate their interest.


. The Symphony matinees :  the morning concerts are intended for an older audience.  The volunteers serve them coffee.  They also welcome high school students.


. Transportation service :  at the request of the OSM, volunteers provide transport services for visiting musicians upon their arrival in Montreal.


. Press review :  volunteers scan daily newspapers and publications for articles that relate to the activities of the OSM, for the OSM archives.


. Guided tours of the Maison symphonique :  volunteers guide invited visitors to discover the  concert hall, its exceptional acoustic quality and its Grand orgue Pierre-Béique.


Membership in the Association entails annual dues of $40.

Become a member by simply email us at :  benevole@osm.ca



mixes du mois de juin 2017 190

Quesnel, Robert, président

Bourgoing, Yolande

Chiasson, Alphonse

Cöté, Alain

Dame, Maria

Gagné, Danielle

Goulet, Beverley



Julien-Lescot, Marie-Lyse

Langevin, Nicole

Massé, Serge

Ménard, Louise

Moquin, Claude

Paquin, Diane

Tardif, France

Trevino, Carmen





Membership in the Association entails annual dues of $40.

Become a member by simply email us at :  benevole@osm.ca

A few words from the President

Already 8 months on the job! Now is the time to see how my intentions (announced in the previous Notes issue) were realized.


Sense of belonging


A team was commissioned to look at our Association’s history. Too few people know about our involvement in fundraising activities, the Competition and the Youth Matinees. I have grown a tremendous appreciation for the work of volunteers who support the OSM and provide accomplishments in fundraising, education and the Orchestra’s social role. Even if after 68 years our role has changed, we must not forget the past. A glimpse at our archives and meetings with past presidents and seasoned volunteers will provide a foundation for our historiographical work.


To get a better evaluation of the volunteer’s integration into our activities, we have produced a synoptic table of the individual volunteer participation for each activity. 80 different volunteers have thus been found to take part during the first 8 months of measurement. Participation also entails a sense of belonging. Several future activities will build on this: Children’s Ball (end of March), Canadian Orchestras’ Conference (May), collaboration with Ste.Justine Hospital (June) when several volunteers will be needed (scientific symposium on the mother-child network).


A better showcase of our accomplishments will be provided by Diane Paquin’s team who is working with the OSM webmaster.


Recognition of abilities


Recognition of the committee abilities by the OSM was started: every new OSM staff member shall be provided with a leaflet about us. The OSM is increasingly appreciating our work, as shown by the Competition officials who have welcomed our contribution.




Take note that our office will soon move into the premises previously used by ARTV (Espace OSM).





A final remark: the moratorium on fundraising and the small number of new volunteers force us to consider new ways to reduce spending and increase revenues.


Each of these various projects is made possible by our wondrous team who will strengthen the ties with our members and with the OSM.