All floors of the Maison symphonique, with the exception of the Mezzanine, have wheelchair accessible restrooms.

All sinks and water fountains are wheelchair accessible.

The women’s restroom is located on the odd (west) side and the men’s restroom is located on the even (east) side of the hall. The Maison symphonique is not equipped with individual or gender-neutral restrooms.

Each restroom is equipped with a syringe drop box.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions may occur during the concert. In order to enjoy the music with a full peace of mind, we invite you to learn about of the measures that have been put in place.


Enjoy your concert experience to the fullest, with complete peace of mind. The OSM assures you of a safe return to the Maison symphonique, in compliance with the sanitary measures issued by Public Health.



The foyers on each floor of the Maison symphonique are available waiting areas, equiped with several benches. The foyers will be open to the public approximatly one hour before the concert starts. You will be able to access your seat in the concert hall 30 minutes before the concert begins.

Please note that some pre-concert events may create a larger crowd in the foyers before you may take your seat in the hall.



At the end of the concert, a higher flow of traffic occurs in the foyers, stairwells and elevators.

You may choose to wait in the hall a few minutes in order to leave when it is quieter and less crowded.

Please contact one of our advisors to know the estimated time your concert will end so as to plan your adapted transportation departure.


Have a drink before the concert or during intermission and enjoy the pleasant ambiance of the Maison symphonique bars, located on the Parterre, Corbeille and Balcon foyers !

You’ll find a selection of wines, cocktails, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, water, juice and coffee, as well as snacks.

Please arrive early as no food or drink is allowed inside the venue.

Payment methods accepted: cash and credit card.