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What to plan for an unforgettable concert

On the day of the concert

Before you visit the Maison symphonique

Prior to your concert, we will send you an email reminder that includes the program notes in digital form. This information to supplement your in-hall experience provides you with some listening tools and historical or socio-economic context for the works to be performed. A printed version of the notes is obtainable at the hall from ushers, who distribute them.

This is your concert night out, so dress in your own style, as it pleases you! The only ones bound to a dress code are the musicians!

  • By public transit

    • By metro
      • Place-des-Arts or Saint-Laurent metro stops.
      • You can get all the way to your seat at the Maison symphonique without going outside if you disembark at the Place-des-Arts metro stop.
    • By bus
      • The Maison symphonique is serviced by the 15, 24, 35, 55, 80, 125, and 129 bus lines, and by the 465 and 480 express bus lines.
      • Visit the Société de transport de Montréal (STM)’s website to determine your fastest and most efficient route.


    • By bicycle

      • Le Quartier des spectacles borders on the De Maisonneuve Boulevard bike path.
      • The Maison symphonique is located in proximity to several BIXI bike stations. Consult the live data BIXI station map to learn more.
      • Bicycle racks can be found in front of the main entrance to the Maison symphonique and immediately outside the Saint-Laurent metro station.
      • Complexe Desjardins offers 238 indoor bicycle parking spots, located on levels 2 (metro-level) and P1, near the Jeanne-Mance Street entrance.


  • By car
    • Nearby parking
      • Place-des-arts parking is located at 1450 Saint-Urbain Street
      • This underground parking facility is offered at a reduced rate on concert evenings.
      • The Place des Arts parking facility has spaces reserved for reduced-mobility permit holders in sections P1 and P2. You can book a space by phoning 514-842-2112. Elevators located on the parking level will take you to the corridor adjacent to the Maison symphonique.
      • You can make your way from the parking facility to your seat at the Maison symphonique without using stairs or needing to exit outdoors.
      • Eight (8) parking spaces (section P1) with 240 volt charging stations are reserved for clientele with electric vehicles.
      • Visit the website
    • Complexe Desjardins parking facility
      • 1251 Jeanne-Mance Street | 200 metres from the Maison symphonique
      • 14 spaces located at the P1 level next to two elevators, are reserved for people with reduced mobility.
      • Seven (7) Electric Circuit charging stations are available in this parking facility.
      • Visit the website



Before your concert

The foyers are open waiting areas with several benches located on each floor of the Maison symphonique. Foyer doors generally open an hour before concerts begin. You can proceed to your seat only after concert hall doors open, 30 minutes before your concert begins.

Please note that certain preconcert events may cause crowds in the foyers before concert hall doors open.

  • The Maison symphonique offers a coat check service from November through April. You can store personal belongings (coats, jackets, umbrellas, etc.) at a cost of $3 per person.
  • For safety purposes, we can only allow bags in the concert hall that will easily fit under seats. Any tote object with dimensions that exceed 45 cm × 35 cm × 20 cm (18 in x 13 in x 8 in) must mandatorily be stored with the coat check.
  • Booster seats
    • The coat check has a moderate supply of children’s booster seats that audiences can borrow free of charge in exchange for valid ID

  • All floors of the Maison symphonique except for the Mezzanine are furnished with wheelchair-accessible washrooms.
  • All sinks and fountains are adapted for wheelchair users.
  • Women’s washrooms are located on the odd numbered (west) side and men’s washrooms on the even numbered (east) side of the concert hall. The Maison symphonique is not furnished with individual or gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • Every washroom provides a disposal container for syringes.

  • Luxuriate in the ambiance of Maison symphonique’s bars located in the foyers at the Parterre, Corbeille, and Balcony levels. Enjoy a drink before your concert or during intermission!
  • Our bars offer a selection of wines, cocktails, spirits, soft drinks, bottled water, juice, and coffee, as well as snack items.
  • We recommend you arrive early, as it is not permitted to drink or eat inside the concert hall.
  • Accepted payment methods: cash or credit card

During Your Concert

  • You are welcome to applaud to your heart’s delight as the conductor enters the stage and upon completion of each work performed. While sometimes a challenge, we ask you to be mindful that in the pauses between movements, silence is an important and integral part of the performance.
  • To help you keep pace with the pieces on the program, we encourage you to consult the program notes sent beforehand via email, prior to your concert. You can also obtain a printed copy of the notes for easy reference regarding the progress of each work.

  • To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, please take your seat before the concert begins and toward the end of the intermission.
  • In the interest of not disrupting the experience of other audience members, you may be asked to wait at the back of the hall before claiming or returning to your seat. Depending on your seat’s location, it may be indicated that you enjoy your concert from the seats reserved for latecomers.   Rest assured that your seat will be available for you at intermission.
  • In the case of an immediate need to exit the hall in mid-concert, we ask that you do so discreetly, in consideration of other audience members’ musical experience.

We ask that you turn off your cellphone before the concert begins so as not to disturb those around you.

Don’t forget to let yourself flow with the music; this is YOUR time to enjoy!

After Your Concert

  • After the concert ends, you can expect a high volume of foot traffic in the foyers, stairways, and elevators.
  • You are welcome to linger in the concert hall a few minutes afterwards if you wish to exit the premises in quieter, less crowded surroundings.
  • If you need to book a means of adapted transport, feel free to check with one of our advisors regarding the time your concert is expected to end.
  • As part of our sustainability efforts, various collection bins are provided in which to dispose of your program booklet. The booklets are collected and redistributed to audiences of subsequent performances.