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Dziriya odyssey Summer 2024

The Mezghena de Montréal orchestra invites you to discover an ancestral music rooted in a rich confluence of influences and civilizations. More than fifty young and amateur musicians, playing a variety of instruments, will perform melodies from the Algerian repertoire that have journeyed through time and space, and continue to enthrall audiences across borders.


Mezghena de Montréal

Sidali Mohandarab, conductor


El Bouloul
Ya Bahi El Djamel
Haramtou Bik Nouaassi
Qalali Nassih
Ya Nass Djaretli Gharaib

Inkileb Mouwel Qoum Tara
Rumba Nethadeth Māak Ya Quelbi
Behdja Mdinet EL Djazair
Wahed El Ghouziel

Ben El Werchane
Ya āouchaq Zine
Andour Li Hali

EL Bareh
Wahdani Gharib
Rimoun Nadratni

Without intermission

Durée totale60minutes