First time at the OSM?

First time at the OSM?

Here’s everything – and all – you need to know!

Dress comfortably
even if you want to make an extra effort, this is your time to relax and enjoy. Only the musicians have a dress code to respect!

Unwrap any candy before the concert
The acoustics of the hall are so finely tuned you can hear a pin drop – so imagine what wrapper rustling sounds like!

Bring your wheelchair or walker, if needed
The Maison Symphonique de Montréal is completely accessible for everyone.

Respect that everyone would like to enjoy the music without distraction
Remove your hat, turn off your phone and save conversation with your seatmate and selfies/photos for later.

Applaud when the conductor takes the stage
But remember that silences between musical movements are composed as part of the piece – at these points, silence is golden.

Feel free to enjoy a drink at the bars set up on the Parterre, Corbeille and Balcony levels.

Return to your seats before the concert begins and before intermission is over – “Excuse me, excuse me” sounds polite but really isn’t.

Don’t forget to let yourself be swept away by the music and the experience!


– Doors open one hour before the concert.
– Latecomers will be admitted only at a suitable time.
– For late arrivals, no exchanges or refunds will be made

ESPACE OSM : A great reason to arrive early!

We’ve created a new space right next to the Maison symphonique! Open before each concert, the Espace OSM is a completely free venue that allows you to explore the rich history of the OSM. You can also discover music in a different way thanks to the digital installations. A must-see!