Alexander Read

Alexander Read

Principal Second Violin

Alexander Read had the privilege of being introduced to music by his parents, who have always greatly encouraged him. Music was a strong presence at home: he remembers hearing the OSM and recognizing its highly distinctive sound on radio broadcasts. Alexander studied the violin with Ani Kavafian and Robert Mealy at the Yale School of Music, with Thomas Williams and Denise Lupien at McGill University, as well as with Sharon Jones on a private basis. His favourite musical memory is his first experience as an ensemble player, at 15, when he performed with the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. His first rehearsal with them confirmed that music would become an integral part of his life. Alexander Read serves as a frequent guest Concertmaster with Les Violons du Roy, Ensemble Caprice and the Bach Festival Orchestra. He loves playing on period or rare instruments such as the violin d’amore.

Joined the OSM in: 2013

Previous positions: Associate Principal Second Violin of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (2012–2013), Violins section, New Haven Symphony Orchestra (2010–2011)

Model of instrument: Violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume (Paris) dated 1857 and Stephan von Baehr (Paris), 2017

Hometown: London (Ontario)

Distinctions: Laureate of the Michael Hill International Violin Competition and Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition, McGill University Concerto and Classical Concerto Competition and Salsinger Tani Gold Medal winner, and recipient of the Broadus Erle Prize at Yale University as well as the Peter Mendell Prize from Jeunesses Musicales Canada.