All OSM musicians




1 – First violins

2 – Second violins

3 – Violas

4 – Cellos

5 – Double basses

Richard Roberts, Concertmaster
Andrew Wan, Concertmaster
Olivier Thouin, Associate Concertmaster
Marianne Dugal, 2nd Associate Concertmaster
Ramsey Husser, 2nd Assistant Concertmaster
Marc Béliveau, First Violin
Marie Doré, First Violin
Sophie Dugas, First Violin
Marie Lacasse, First Violin
Jean-Marc Leblanc, First Violin
Ingrid Matthiessen, First Violin
Myriam Pellerin, First Violin
Susan Pulliam, First Violin
Jean-Sébastien Roy , First Violin
Claire Segal Sergie, First Violin

Alexander Read, Principal
Marie-André Chevrette, Associate Principal 2nd Violin
Brigitte Rolland, 1st Assistant Principal 2nd Violin
Joshua Peters, 2nd assistant
Ann Chow, Second Violin
Mary Ann Fujino, Second Violin – The Kenzo Ingram Dingemans Chair
Johannes Jansonius, Second Violin
Jean-Marc Leclerc, Second Violin
Isabelle Lessard, Second Violin
Alison Mah-Poy, Second Violin
Katherine Palyga, Second Violin
Monique Poitras, Second Violin
Gratiel Robitaille, Second Violin
Daniel Yakymyshyn, Second Violin
Eliane Charest-Beauchamp, Second Violin

Neal Gripp, Principal Viola
Victor Fournelle-Blain, Viola Associate
Jean Fortin, Viola 1st Assistant
Chantale Boivin, Viola
Sofia Gentile, Viola
Charles Pilon, Viola
David Quinn, Viola
Natalie Racine, Viola
Rosemary Shaw, Viola

Brian Manker, Principal Cello
Anna Burden, Associate Principal Cello
Gary Russell, 2nd Assistant Cello
Karen Baskin, Cello
Sylvie Lambert, Cello
Gerald Morin, Cello
Sylvain Murray, Cello
Peter Parthun, Cello
Geneviève Guimond, Cello

Ali Yazdanfar, Principal Bass
Brian Robinson, Associate Principal Bass
Eric Chappell, Assistant Bass
Jacques Beaudoin, Bass
Scott Feltham, Bass
Peter Rosenfeld, Bass
Edouard Wingell, Bass
Graham Kolle, Bass



1 – Flutes and piccolos

2 – Clarinets and bass clarinets

3 – Oboes and English horns

4 – Bassoons and contrebassoons

Timothy Hutchins, Principal Flute
Albert Brouwer, Interim associate
Denis Bluteau, 2nd flute
Danièle Bourget, Interim piccolo

Todd Cope, Principal Clarinet
Alain Desgagné, Associate Clarinet
Michael Dumouchel, 2nd and E flat Clarinet
André Moisan, Bass Clarinet and Saxophone

Theodore Baskin, Associate Oboe
Vincent Boilard, Associate Oboe
Alexa Zirbel, 2nd Oboe
Pierre-Vincent Plante, English Horn

Stéphane Lévesque, Principal Bassoon
Mathieu Harel, Associate Bassoon
Martin Mangrum, 2nd Bassoon
Michael Sundell, Contrabassoon



1 – Horns

2 – Trumpets

3 – Trombones and tuba

John Zirbel, Principal Horn
Denys Derome, Associate Horn
Catherine Turner, 2nd Horn
Nadia Côté,4th Horn

Paul Merkelo, Principal Trumpet
Jean-Luc Gagnon , 2nd Trumpet
Christopher P. Smith, Trumpet

James Box, Principal trombone
Vivian Lee, 2nd trombone
Pierre Beaudry, Principal bass trombone

Austin Howle, Principal Tuba



Andrei Malashenko, Principal Timpani
Hugues Tremblay, Associate timpani and percussionist
Serge Desgagnés, Solo percussionist
André Dufour, Percussionist

Jennifer Swartz, Principal Harp

Michel Léonard, Music Librarian