Become a Major Donor

Become a Major Donor

A substantial donation to make a difference!

By choosing to make an annual donation in the amount of $2,000 or more, you become a Major Donor to the OSM. Your philanthropic commitment provides the OSM with funding for its creative initiatives to carry out its mission of education, access to music, excellence and innovation.

Just like other large renowned orchestras, the OSM offers its donors a structured program for annual sponsorships. This is an opportunity to support the Orchestra’s artistic excellence by sponsoring:

    • a musician in the Orchestra’s chair
    • a themed concert
    • the performance of a particular musical work
    • a work’s premiere,

Such a contribution enables you to develop a privileged relationship with the Orchestra’s musicians and guest artists.

Contact us for a schedule of all the initiatives you can support with a Major Donation to the OSM.

Honour and Maestro Circles

Recognition to match your contribution!

As a Major Donor, you gain direct access to the Orchestra’s philanthropic circles, which together constitute its largest benefactors. You will enjoy an enhanced concert experience, in addition to exclusive activities and privileges. With an annual donation of $2,000 or more, you become a member of the OSM Honour Circle, while an annual donation of $10,000 or more will give you access to the Maestro Circle.

Different ways to donate adapted to your situation

Various options are available to you for contributing to the OSM’s philanthropic mission, with various tax incentives. Whether through a personal cash donation, a donation via an endowment fund, a donation of shares, a corporate donation, the donation of an instrument, or even by making a donation of goods and services, several options are available to you for endorsing your commitment to the OSM.

Did you know that the tax credit for a first large cultural donation has been extended until December 31, 2022? The Quebec government offers a 25% credit for any first individual donation to a cultural organization of $5,000 to $25,000, such that the actual cost of the donation represents a value of less than a quarter of the total amount. An exceptional opportunity to seize, and to boost the impact of your donation to the OSM!

Please note that only one such return may be declared in an individual’s lifetime and that the donation must be made in cash, or in several instalments in the same taxation year.

Consult the Revenu Québec website to learn more.

Ask an expert: The OSM strongly encourages you to consult a specialized professional to ensure that your objectives take your profile into account and that your decision is in line with your financial and taxation situation.

Join your voice to the chorus of social actors in the Greater Montreal business community. By making a donation through your business, you will receive a tax receipt and a representative of your company will gain access to the OSM’s Honour Circle (annual donation of $2,000 or more) or Maestro Circle (annual donation of $10,000 or more) privileges. Your business will also gain recognition as a major donor to the OSM. A great way to demonstrate your business’s social responsibility and philanthropic commitment to the cultural community of Quebec.

For more information or to make a corporate donation, you may reach us at [email protected] or by phone at 514-840-7448.


Did you know it is possible to donate a musical instrument to the OSM?

If you possess an instrument of historical value or prestige, you may donate it to benefit the musicians or an OSM artistic project.

Here are the steps to consider when donating an instrument:

  1. Impart your intentions to our consultants, including details about the instrument, photos and other relevant documents.
  2. If the instrument can be approved by the Orchestra, it will be evaluated by our specialists.
  3. The value of the instrument will be certified, and a tax receipt may be issued to you for its full value.

If the instrument cannot be approved by the Orchestra, we will refer you to partnering organizations which may benefit from a musical instrument donation.

For more information or to make a corporate donation, you may reach us at [email protected] or by phone at 514-840-7448.


In connection with the OSM’s philanthropic activities and fundraising campaigns, you may be moved to contribute in a different way, for example, by sitting on a volunteer committee, offering your expertise via consultancy services, or by donating goods or gift certificates. The rules pertaining to tax receipts for such donations vary according to the specific donation.

For more information or to make a corporate donation, you may reach us at [email protected] or by phone at 514-840-7448.

Are you considering pledging a Major Donation in some form to the OSM? Do you have questions about the privileges associated with the Honour and Maestro Circles? Contact our Major Donations team; it will be their pleasure to assist you!

Phone: 514-840-7448 / Email: [email protected]