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An Evening with Gatsby 2024-2025

The OSM, Rafael Payare, and pianist Marc-André Hamelin invite you to revisit the Roaring Twenties in America with this thrilling event!

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Relive the atmosphere of the 1920s in the company of the OSM and pianist Marc-André Hamelin, an eclectic musician, improviser, and unrivalled virtuoso. From Antheil’s symphonic jazz to Gershwin’s legendary Rhapsody in Blue, as well as the foxtrot and nostalgic evocations of the great Gatsby’s eventful life, return to the America of the Roaring Twenties during a wild night!


Rafael Payare, conductor

Marc-André Hamelin, piano


George Antheil, A Jazz Symphony (12 min)

David Schiff, Stomp (7 min)

John Harbison, Remembering Gatsby, foxtrot for orchestra (6 min)

George Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue (16 min)

Concert without intermission

Total duration40minutes