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L’Harmonie des jeunes de la Virée Summer 2024

A refreshing breeze will blow through the Virée during the hot days of summer thanks to the young musicians of the Harmonie des jeunes de la Virée. Led by Éric Levasseur, they will transport you from Italy to Spain to the sounds of the pasodoble, the Aragonese jota, and the Italian polka. A sparkling, lively concert!



Éric Levasseur, conductor

High school musicians’ wind orchestra from the Island of Montreal


Alfred Reed, El Camino Real

Alex Poelman, Duat

Emmanuel Chabrier, Españ(arr. J. Schyns)

Sergueï Rachmaninov, Italian Polka (arr. J. Schyns)

Nino Rota, Otto e Mezzo

Bart Piqueur, El Batallon de los zapatos rotos

Without intermission

Total duration60minutes