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Passages – At the Crossroads of the Mediterranean Summer 2024

The Ensemble Constantinople joins forces with musicians from around the Mediterranean and Canada to take you on a fascinating musical voyage where Mediterranean traditions intertwine with new works by members of the Ensemble. Journey through the realms of imagination, encountering uncommon and irresistible sonorities along the way.


Ensemble Constantinople:

Kiya Tabassian, sitar and singer

Didem Başar, qanun

Neva Özgen, kemence

Patrick Graham, percussion

Hamin Honari, tombak and daf

Charbel Rouhana, oud and singer


Anonymous (Iran-16th century), Penj-gâh pishrow

Didem Başar, Devr-e Raksan

Dimitrius Cantemir, Buzurk pishrow – darbeyn-é cedid

Charbel Rouhana / Kiya Tabassian, Cheshmeh

Kiya Tabassian, Gozar

Charbel Rouhana, Clin d’œil

Kiya Tabassian, Nour 

Charbel Rouhana, Om Al Maradem 

Didem Başar, Kervan [Caravan]

Without intermission

Total duration60minutes