Classical spree - Saturday - Piano Nobile

18. Recorders on the Run

18. Recorders on the Run

Piano Nobile

Join the recorders on the run for a lap around the track that will take your breath away. Ready, set, go !


For the music Olympics, these four virtuosos train day and night to develop the nimblest fingers, the strongest embouchures, and the finest ears in the world. Prepare yourself for an exciting, athletic performance with Flûte Alors! From the sopranino to the great bass, these musicians use different types of recorders to showcase an array of music including: baroque, contemporary, popular, and world music. They can do it all!

For 5 to 12 years old
Concert Length : 45 minutes
Performance in French

A JMC’s coproduction with Flûte alors !

Vincent Lauzer, Marie-Laurence Primeau,
Alexa Raine-Wright and Caroline Tremblay, recorders
Texts : Flûte alors!
Staging : Judith Pelletier
Scenography : Maryse Messier and Catherine Goerner Potvin

« The fever takes over, particularly in a finale where the tightrope-walking of the ensemble Flûte Alors! is at its peak.” – Christophe Huss, Le Devoir




SATURDAY, August 10 2019

3:15 P.M.


Les Athlètes de la flutes à bec