Classical spree - friday - Cinquième salle

2. Makusham! Florent Vollant and the OSM

2. Makusham! Florent Vollant and the OSM

Cinquième salle

Makusham! A gathering to share in music with generosity and joy: a celebration to the eternal heartbeat of the Teweikan. Musician-laureate of the Innu nation Florent Vollant welcomes to the stage one of the bright young stars of our current Indigeneous renaissance, multi-disciplinary Métis artist Moe Clark. Together with an intimate ensemble of OSM musicians, this concert explores the diverse musical heritages that animate the practice of this visionary group of contemporary artists.

Florent Vollant, singer and guitar
Moe Clark, singer and teweikan
Scott Pien Picard, singer, guitar and teweikan
Réjean Bouchard, guitar
Ann Chow, violin
Sylvain Murray, cello
Nicolas Lapointe, marimba
Blair Thomson, arranger


Florent Vollant – Tshishe Manitu

Moe Clark, Jospeh Naytowhow, Cheryl L’Hirondelle – nêwo atoskêyâkanak

Scott Pien Picard – Ui shutshik

Florent Vollant – Nitasinan

Moe Clark – I find Grace

Florent Vollant – Nikana

Moe Clark, Jospeh Naytowhow, Cheryl L’Hirondelle – niki pawatîn

Traditionnel, Scott Pien Picard – Makusham

Arrangements by Blair Thomson

nêwo atoskêyâkanak and niki pawatîn were published in 2013 by Miyoh Music

« By the few words in French which replace the songs in Innu in their poetic framework, we feel the touch of the Universal in the evocations of the community, the clan, the nation.” – Daniel Lemay, La Presse




FRIDAY August 9, 2019

6:45 P.M.