Classical spree – saturday – cinquième salle

9. Classical Music of India: “Morning Music”

9. Classical Music of India: “Morning Music”

Cinquième salle

At the heart of North Indian Classical music is the raga, the Sanskrit word for colour. Each raga is a fixed grouping of notes designed to evoke in the listener a particular emotion appropriate to the setting, the occasion, or even the time of day. Nishat Khan, virtuoso sitar player and heir to one of the most distinguished North Indian musical traditions, presents two concerts – one for the evening and one for the morning, each featuring a raga specifically conceived to awaken and reflect resonances proper to those moments.

Indian Music

Nishat Khan, sitar master

« … Nishat acted like a rock guitarist, matching rapid-fire playing with strumming and power chords, but then switching to delicate, almost plaintive passages before speeding up once again.” – The Guardian




SATURDAY August 10, 2019

11:00 A.M.