The OSM’s Classical Flight



YUL Montreal-Trudeau International Airport

5 juin 2021

Time: 7 p.m.

After its huge success and the interest generated by the OSM Classical Flight benefit concert in August 2020, the OSM repeats the exploit with a second edition in 2021 in complete safety in the comfort of your vehicle. Entertainment, reconnecting with the arts and enjoying a collective experience are more important than ever after a long period of confinement*.

A stunning meeting of two worlds

Though they work in very different fields, conductor Dina Gilbert and freestyle skier Mikaël Kingsbury both have mountains to tackle with rigour, discipline, concentration, passion and self-confidence. Dina and Mikaël each share a bit of their lives in this entertaining and memorable evening of works by Mozart, Brahms, Kodály and Dvořák. The spectacular musical event When Music Hits the Sky propels us to the universe of two gifted athletes in the OSM’s company.

Hurry, places are limited to 400 vehicles.

  • entertainment and prizes onsite before the concert
  • Food truck Baluchon Café pâtisserie
  • stage is visible from all parking locations
  • giant screens guarantee your unobstructed view of the stage
  • best sound quality assured by FM broadcasting (tune in directly from your car radio)
  • sanitary facilities strictly comply with public health standards

Our promise: an unforgettable experience where music hits the sky!

Video and pictures of the 2020 edition

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

Dina Gilbert, conductor

Mikaël Kingsbury, animator

Timothy Chooi, violin (2010 OSM Competition laureate)


Maxime Goulet, Citius, Altius, Fortius! (3 min.)

Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro, Overture (5 min.)

Dinuk Wijeratne, Two Pop Songs on Antique Poems: I. “A letter from the After-life” (6 min.)

Sibelius, Violin Concerto in D minor, op. 47, mvt. I: Allegro moderato (17 min.)

Kodály, Dances of Galánta (16 min.)

Brahms, Symphony no. 3 in F major, op. 90 : III. Poco allegretto (6 min.)

Dvořák, Symphony no. 9 in E minor, B. 178, « From the New World » : IV. Allegro con fuoco (12 min)


(Total duration: about 70 mim)


First Class

$500 (per vehicle)

only 50 places available

The package includes:
– Access to the best spots of the venue
– Priority exit from the site
– Gift Basket

Business Class

$250 (per vehicle)

160 places available

The package includes:
– Prime spots
– Gift Basket

Economy Class

$100 (per vehicle)

190 places available

– View of the stage and the giant screens
– Partial tax receipt

All sales are final. No refunds on ticket.

Concert program

Why support the OSM?

By participating in the OSM Classical Flight, you are supporting the Orchestra as it strives to pursue its mission of accessibility and education. Even more importantly, in these health crisis times, your donation provides an opportunity for the OSM to renew itself and develop initiatives that will maintain its crucial connection with the community.

Presented by

Official Vehicle


Event Host


Presented by

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*All Public Health recommendations will be respected and implemented.

How to get there

General information

The concert happening on the Aéroport Montréal Trudeau grounds, it is fair to expect planes taking off and landing even if it happens in a more quiet period of the day. Technology allows us to minimize FM transmission of that noise but it is possible that you still hear it punctually.

Your arrival time will be communicated via email a few days before the concert.

Only 4-wheeled vehicles are permitted on the site.

People in the same vehicle must come from the same household.

There is no maximum number of people per vehicle.


Regarding the Parking:

Spectators will have to follow the instructions for parking their vehicles, while respecting the 2-metre distance from each other.

SUVs will be placed according to their size to avoid obstructing the view of spectators aboard smaller vehicles.

First come, first served. You are guaranteed a spot in the area you purchased.

It is not possible to reserve a place.

Recreational vehicles and transport trucks are prohibited.

Vehicles with a storage box on their roof are considered as trucks.

It is forbidden to consume alcohol or drugs.

Headlights must be turned off at all times.

If you must leave the site, you will not be allowed to return to your original location.

It is forbidden to film the show.

Questions and Answers

1. Can I get a refund for my ticket?

No: but your ticket is transferable. If you cannot attend the concert, why not give it to someone close to you?

2. How do I hear the concert?

The concert will be broadcast on FM directly from your car.

3. Can I choose my location?

No: locations will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Smaller vehicles will be placed in front. SUVs, vans or pick-up trucks will be placed behind or to the sides so that they do not obstruct the view.

4. At what time may I arrive at the site to take my place?

Your arrival time will be communicated via email a few days before the concert. It is important to respect that assigned time to ensure that the concert starts on schedule.

5. Can I come by bike or on foot?

No: it is only possible to attend the concert in your own vehicle.

6. Can I bring a chair to listen to the concert outside my vehicle?

To comply with public safety regulations, all spectators must listen the concert inside their vehicle.

7. Is there a maximum number of people in the same car?

No: however, people in the same car must be from the same household.

8. Can I bring my own food?

Yes: however, it is mandatory to take away your own waste to dispose of at home.

9. Can I bring my pet?

Although it is not recommended, if you bring your pet, it must remain in your vehicle at all times.

10. Will there be washrooms on site?

Yes: and it is mandatory to follow sanitary instructions, such as washing your hands.

11. Will the concert take place if it rains?

The concert will take place, rain or shine.

12. At what time should we arrive on the site?

A time slot will be assigned to you according to the type of ticket you have purchased (zone). You will receive all detailed information on this subject via email.

13. What happens to spectators arriving after the concert has begun?

Spectators arriving after the concert has begun will be positioned at the back so as not to disturb the concert.

14. What portion of the donation will be included in the ticket price?

First Class package $500 – tax receipt of $400

Business Class package $250 – tax receipt of $150

Economy Class package – tax receipt of $50

15. Will there be a concert program?

There will be no concert program produced for this concert, however, as usual, you will receive program notes by email a few days before the concert.