The organists of Notre-Dame de Paris at the OSM

An exceptionally rare encounter:
The organists of Notre-Dame de Paris at the OSM


Maison symphonique de Montréal

Four renowned titular organists from Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral are the OSM’s guests for an exceptional concert at the Maison symphonique in which the Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique will resound, along with chant and percussion. These guardians of a millennial tradition will unveil the Vieille Dame’s secrets, from improvised liturgy to post-revolutionary compositions. Spirituality, elevation and emotion are hallmarks of this concert showcasing the Grand Orgue.


From January 20 to 23, when the organists of Notre-Dame de Paris are present in Montreal, the OSM will offer masterclasses open to the public as well as private lessons for local organ students. Rounding off the event, exhibitions and lectures will punctuate this celebration of the King of Instruments.


Proceeds from the concert will go to the fund of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

Olivier Latry, organist of Notre-Dame de Paris’ Great Organ and OSM organist emeritus

Vincent Dubois, organist of Notre-Dame de Paris’ Great Organ

Philippe Lefebvre, organist of Notre-Dame de Paris’ Great Organ

Johann Vexo, organist of Notre-Dame de Paris’ Choir Organ

Jean-Sébastien Allaire, cantor

Marcel de Hêtre, cantor

Michel Léonard, cantor

With  percussion

Part 1: Vespers at Notre-Dame, with cantors and organ improvisations (35 min.)

Prelude (Olivier Latry)

Hymn Ave Maris Stella (Vincent Dubois)

Magnificat (Johann Vexo)

Antiphony Salve Regina

Postlude (Philippe Lefebvre)

Part 2: The composers of Notre-Dame de Paris (40 min)

Claude Balbastre, Noël bourguignon (Olivier Latry)

Louis Vierne, Quatre pièces de fantaisie

Hymne au soleil (Johann Vexo)

Ismpromptu (Johann Vexo)

Clair de lune (Vincent Dubois)

Toccata (Vincent Dubois)

Pierre Cochereau, Boléro for Organ and Percussion (Philippe Lefebvre)


Monday, January 20, 6-8 p.m, Maison symphonique

Public Masterclass with 4 students and the four guest organists

Public event, tickets required

Tickets available from January 8, 2020, tickets can be reserve in person at the OSM box office, or by calling 514-842-9951. Limit of 2 tickets per person.


Tuesday, January 21, 6 p.m, Espace OSM

Conference – The Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique : from the genesis to the inaugural concert.
The realization of the OSM’s Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique was a great adventure from all points of view. In close collaboration with the OSM management, as well as with a team of consultants, architects and engineers, the artisans of Casavant Frères devoted thousands of hours to the design, construction, installation and the harmonization of this exceptional instrument.


This interactive conference will retrace the complex process of carrying out the project, from initial discussions with the creative team to the inauguration of the organ in 2014.


Preconcert talk | 7 P.M.

Catherine Perrin receives Olivier Latry, Vincent Dubois, Philippe Lefebvre and Johann Vexo

 Grand preconcert talks


Wednesday, January 22, A.M.

Private lessons for 12 students with one organist of Notre-Dame de Paris, in different locations through the city: Maison symphonique, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, Church of Saint-Andrew and Saint-Paul, Immaculée-Conception Cathedral. Private event


From $46*


| 8 P.M.

Preconcert talk


Catherine Perrin receives Olivier Latry, Vincent Dubois, Philippe Lefebvre and Johann Vexo