OSMose at School

Photo: Jean-Marc Abela


The people-centred OSMose Project has been active at the CSSDM’s Saint-Étienne school since the fall of 2019, with 70 students from two regular classes and three special education classes, their teachers, special education teachers, and their music therapist, Nathalie Leroux.

Since obtaining her bachelor’s degree in music therapy in 1993, Nathalie Leroux has successfully combined various work experiences in both teaching and music therapy. In addition to offering private voice and piano instruction to a range of clienteles, she works in many different settings. She has taught in music schools, conducted early musical education workshops, and directed children’s choirs in schools. For nearly 30 years, her approach to teaching has been characterized by rigour as much as it has embraced the importance of transmitting the pleasure associated with musical play.

Her training in music therapy enabled her to serve specific clienteles that traditionally have limited contact with music. For several years, she has been offering private music therapy sessions to persons with ASD, ADHD, giftedness, anxiety disorders, language disorders, dyspraxia, intellectual disabilities, and other neurodiversities. She also took part in the creation of a music therapy program in social pediatrics and has worked with clienteles with severe intellectual or multiple disabilities.

For many years, Nathalie has also practised music therapy in schools, serving students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In addition to striving for personal development through music, in her practice she leads integration projects in the form of musicals, theatrical plays, and audio storytelling, while working for inclusion of this clientele in regular classes. These projects have led to the creation of wonderful moments, both artistically and in terms of inclusion for everyone in the school environment. It is also in this context that she is happy to be involved in the OSM’s OSMose project.

Nathalie’s work also extends to serving as a consultant for those who engage with clients with ASD. She also offers training sessions and conferences aimed at raising awareness and providing tools to all people (teachers, professionals, parents, etc.) working with children with special needs. During these training sessions and conferences, she highlights the extraordinary impact that music can have on a child’s development.

As part of this project, students have met with: