L’espace OSM




Right next to the Maison symphonique, this new space is an extension of the OSM’s mission to promote classical music, educate and entertain. This completely free venue allows visitors to explore the rich history of the OSM and learn more about this vibrant, modern and visionary orchestra. The Espace OSM will host various events and temporary installations that will provide myriad opportunities to bring the Orchestra closer to its audience and the community. As they move through the Espace OSM’s various areas, visitors get an experience of the OSM beyond the concert hall.

In the Cœur vibrant, located in the heart of the Espace OSM, you are invited to discover exciting interactive projects and various temporary installations by local artists, along with digital or audiovisual works on the Orchestra, classical music or other music-related art forms.

As well, a wall dedicated to the OSM’s extensive journey traces the history of the Orchestra through the decades, with additional information for visitors available on tablets. Other archival material, including excerpts from OSM concerts, is also available to the public.

Another planned feature is topical OSM-related content, which will offer visitors the opportunity to find out about upcoming concerts and enjoy exclusive content that showcases our musicians. You can also check out the various thematic playlists of recordings by the OSM and then continue listening at home on Spotify! And before you leave, make sure to rediscover the plethora of awards garnered by the OSM over the years.


OSM Polyphonique

With this immersive sound journey in augmented reality, the OSM invites you to take place among the musicians during a concert.

Walk around, listen and observe the music that surrounds you!

This unique experience to try on an iPad or iPhone equipped with earphones, invites you to stroll among the Orchestra’s instruments and to experience precise acoustical perspectives, as if you were in the musicians’ and performers’ shoes – or rather, ears.


How to get here

1600 Saint-Urbain Street (adjacent to the foyer of the Maison symphonique de Montréal)
Montreal, Quebec H2X 0S1
Place-des-Arts metro

Contact us

Montreal area: 514 842-9951
Toll-free: 1 888 842-9951

The Espace OSM is currently closed to the public, until further notice