Friends of the OSM

Friends of the OSM

We need your help to make the music resonate

Make a donation to the OSM and, like our donors Huguette, Amin and Zeltzin, allow the whole community to savour the joy of classical music!

Your support for the OSM enables us to pursue our mission to provide the widest possible access to music, to offer support for young musicians and for music education, and to maintain the Orchestra’s excellence.

We look forward with gratitude to your donation. Your donation will resonate in the community!

Scale up your impact with monthly donations

By donating on a monthly basis, you support the OSM over the long term and help to secure its financial stability.

Why make a donation?

By making a donation and becoming a Friend of the OSM, you are supporting the pursuit of our mission to provide the widest possible access to music, support younger generations of musicians and music education, and maintain the Orchestra’s standards of excellence. The OSM’s rootedness in the community is essential, and is made possible in part thanks to donations from the Friends of the OSM.



“I heard the OSM for the first time at an outdoor concert when I was a teenager, and fell head over heels. Music has been a companion in my life, even more so since my husband passed away. Around that time, I began volunteering for the OSM. It’s deeply satisfying to give back for all those joyful moments the Orchestra has brought me!”

– Huguette, OSM volunteer for over 25 years


“When I arrived from Mexico at age 14, I had to interrupt the music lessons I loved so much. Therefore, I was deliriously happy when my mother took me to hear the OSM at the Olympic Park Esplanade. Twelve years later, I have completed my studies in double bass while working in OSM customer services, while my younger brother is following in my footsteps and learning music too. I am proud to contribute towards raising donations that give children a chance to pursue their passion and enable newcomers to feel more at ease in their host community, all thanks to the power of music. And after these many years, my mother and I still faithfully attend the OSM’s concerts at the Olympic Park!”

– Zeltzin, donor and OSM employee


“I contribute financially to the OSM because I believe fundamentally that classical music nourishes, soothes, and awakens emotions, whether we’re new to it or seasoned enthusiasts. I am proud to support an orchestra whose programming features a broad variety of composers and contributes to Montreal’s status as a cultural leader and epicentre.”

– Amin, OSM donor for the past 10 years


Welcome 12,000 students, offering them an introduction to symphonic concerts at a very low cost

Offer 2000 free Concert tickets to community organizations

Hold a national competition for young, emerging musicians that awards $100,000 in prizes (scholarships, traineeships, and performance opportunities)

Present programming of alks, workshops, mediation seminars and exhibitions at Espace OSM

Go out to meet its public with a summer festival: La Virée classique

Monthly Donations

By being part of our monthly donation program, you scale up the impact of your donation! In addition to supporting the OSM’s mission, by giving each month, you:

  • Support the OSM over the long term and help secure the Orchestra’s financial stability
  • Help the OSM to save on administrative costs and reduce its carbon footprint
  • Have the benefit of privileged information reserved for monthly donors
  • By donating an amount over $12.50 per month, you gain access to donor privileges
  • Obtain a tax receipt

You may change the amount of your instalments or cancel them at any time. For further details or to become a monthly donor, contact us at 514-840-7464.

Single Donation

By donating to the OSM, you support its philanthropic mission.

  • By donating more than $150 per year, you gain access to the Friends of the OSM recognition program and enjoy exclusive privileges that offer special access to your Orchestra.
  • Obtain a tax receipt

Consider monthly donations to scale up your contribution!

How to Donate

By mail

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

1600 Saint-Urbain Street

Montreal, QC  H2X 0S1

By phone

Contact us at 514-842-0017

A tax receipt will be sent for donations of $25 or more at the end of the year. Receipts from donations under $25 will be issued upon request only.

Charity registration number : 119069524RR0001

Would you like to invest more?

There are many ways you can invest in your Orchestra. Discover the First Cultural Donation option and Planned Donations.

Marie-Andrée Pigeon-Turenne, Advisor, Donation Campaigns and Operations

Phone : 514-842-0017  /  Email : [email protected]