Pierre Beaudry

Pierre Beaudry

Principal Bass Trombone

As soon as he saw the film The Five Pennies with Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong, Pierre Beaudry knew he wanted to become a musician, no matter what sacrifices he would have to make. At the time, the trumpet was his instrument of choice. He later studied the trombone with Joseph Zuskin at the Conservatoire de musique de Trois-Rivières. He joined the ranks of the OSM in 1982, when the Orchestra performed Mozart’s Requiem at Notre-Dame Basilica. It may surprise you to learn that Pierre Beaudry weighed only 4.2 pounds at birth!

Joined the OSM in: 1982

Model of instrument: Doug Yeo, Yahama

Hometown: Trois-Rivières

Musical first love: Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel. At the time, I didn’t speak any English, but today I know that music is this bridge.

Prizes and scholarships: Wilfrid-Pelletier Bursary awarded by the Conservatoire de musique de Québec

Favourite composers: J. S. Bach, G. Mahler, Richard Strauss, G. Puccini.

Favourite works: The symphonic, operatic, vocal and chamber works of J. S. Bach, G. Mahler, R. Strauss and G. Puccini.

Recent recordings: The OSM’s 100 most recent recordings, and more…!

Interests: Learning foreign languages and different musical instruments, the philosophy of everyday life, helping people.

If you hadn’t chosen to become a musician, you would be …: A family doctor, diplomat, simultaneous translator for the United Nations, spy, actor, storyteller, priest or pope!