Pre and post concert activities


Extend your experience in the hall of the Maison symphonique!

Grand Preconcert Talks

Gain insight into the career of a conductor, the secrets and intrigues behind a work, or the backstage life of a performer thanks to these interviews conducted by radio hosts and professionals from the music milieu. A unique opportunity to meet artists and deepen your knowledge of musical history.

Duration: 30 minutes

Concert Talks
Get to know passionate conductors, composers, musicians and musicologists, through interviews hosted by radio and music professionals at the Maison symphonique.
Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator October 18 9:30 pm
October 19 12:30 pm
A South American Voyage with Rafael Payare et Javier Perianes November 23 6:30 pm
Rafael Payare Conducts the Turangalîla-Symphonie December 6 6:30 pm
Berlioz’s L’enface du Christ Conducted by Hervé Niquet December 19 6:30 pm
Rafael Payare Conducts Mahler’s Symphonie No. 7 January 16 6:30 pm
January 17 6:30 pm
January 20 1:30 pm
Rafael Payare and Bruckner’s Fourth Symphony February 28 6:30 pm
February 29 6:30 pm
Rafael Payare and Shostakovich’s Awe-Inspiring Symphony No. 8 March 10 1:30 pm
Beethoven’s Heroic Symphony no. 3 with Kent Nagano April 10 6:30 pm
April 11 6:30 pm
Stravinsky and Ravel on the Orguan May 25 1:30 pm
Organ et Orchestra, The perfect harmony May 28 6:30 pm


These varied musical performances are offered as a prelude to select concerts. Come discover young local musicians and great international masters in works rarely heard at the Maison symphonique. All ticket holders are welcome!

Duration: 30 minutes

Recitals and Performances
Attend musical performances before select concerts!
Barber’s Superb Violin Concerto October 14 4:30 pm
Andrew Wan and Beethoven’s Immortal Violin Concerto October 25 6:30 pm
October 26 6:30 pm
Eschenbach and Beethoven’s Striking Symphony No. 7 November 8 6:30 pm
November 9 6:30 pm
Juanjo Mena Conducts Debussy and Ginastera April 17 6:30 pm