Health and Safety Measures When Attending Concerts

1.1 Procedure for admission to the hall

What are the guidelines regarding intervention masks (procedure masks)?

Every spectator over the age of 10 must wear a mask upon arrival at the Place des Arts complex, while circulating within it, until they leave the complex. Spectators may remove their mask while seated in their assigned seat up to the beginning of the concert. Face covers are strongly recommended for children 2 to 9 years old.

Do you have measures in place for handling/validating tickets?

We strongly recommend the use of electronic tickets to limit physical contact involved in handling paper tickets. However, if you are unable to obtain electronic tickets, we will in your case continue to operate using paper tickets, which can either be mailed to you or picked up at the reception desk before the concert.

Members of staff will be equipped with protective gear, including visors and face coverings. In all cases, spectators must show their tickets (electronic or printed) to enable them to be validated, while avoiding the need to be handled by reception staff.

Will temperature screening be one of the measures for entry to the hall?

Spectators’ temperatures will not be taken in any systematic way as part of the process for welcoming guests to the hall. However, we will ask you, before you enter, if you are experiencing the following symptoms: cough, difficulty breathing, fever. A temperature check may be done if a spectator shows visible symptoms and is deemed as being a potential carrier of the virus.

What if someone begins showing symptoms associated with COVID-19 after arriving at the venue?

We aim to protect the health of our spectators. Therefore, if someone is showing symptoms, we will ask that person to leave the concert after rerouting them to the service counter to note the order and follow up accordingly. If someone begins showing symptoms during a concert, this person will be escorted to the Maison symphonique’s First Aid area.

What is the process for entering the hall? Do we have to arrive at a specific time?

Spectators are to enter the hall by first visiting the Salon urbain, located directly across the entrance to the Maison symphonique. This location for it will be used to relay basic information regarding sanitation and to conduct a triage enabling the smoothest possible entry to the Maison symphonique. Members of staff will be on site to assist you in safely entering the hall. We will proceed by entering in several small groups according to seating level, to minimize crossing paths, but we do not ask you to arrive at any specific time. The hall will open 60 minutes before the beginning of the concert.

According to which standards were these health and safety measures developed?

Our health and safety measures are established in partnership with the Maison symphonique and Place des Arts, in accordance with CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail) protocols.

Who ensures compliance with health and safety measures?

Within the venue and at our entrance desk, the responsibility for smooth and compliant operations lies with the staff of the Maison symphonique. We work closely with Place des Arts and the Maison symphonique to develop procedures to safeguard everyone’s health. Our employees will remain on site for each concert to ensure smooth entry and exit from the hall.

1.2 Measures in the foyers

Will bathrooms be open before and after concerts?

Restrooms will be accessible on the Parterre, Corbeille, Mezzanine et Balcony levels, but we ask you to use the ones located on the same floor as your seats in order to limit circulation and the likelihood of coming into contact with others. Additionally, the OSM will present all its concerts without intermission until February 2022 to avoid crowds in the foyers as much as possible.

Will the bars be open before and after concerts?

The bars will only open before the concerts.

Will the Maison symphonique’s coat check be open?

The coat check will open in November, but you may use it to store any oversized bags not permitted in the hall.

What distancing measures are required in the foyers?

On stairways: the main stairway of the MSM allows for a two (2)-metre distance between individuals or family units of two (width), while a distance equal to three (3) steps is required between individuals or family units, in compliance with the established sanitation measures. Spectators will only be permitted to “climb” the stairs when entering the hall and will only be permitted to “descend” when exiting the hall.

On escalators: a distance of three (3) steps is required between individuals or family units, in compliance with the established sanitation measures. Upon entering and exiting, two escalators will operate in the same direction in order to enable maximum crowd dispersal.

In elevators: elevators will be limited to carrying no more than one person, one family unit, or one person with reduced mobility accompanied by another person at a time.

In the foyers: a distance of two (2) metres must be maintained between individuals or family units.

I cannot comfortably stand for very long. Staying in line will be physically difficult for me. Can I be seated in the hall earlier to avoid standing for any length of time?

Admission to the Maison symphonique will be permitted as early as 60 minutes before concert times. We recommend that you arrive well ahead of time if you wish to avoid line-ups.

1.3 Measures in the concert hall

Are face coverings mandatory when attending a concert?

You may remove your mask during the concert as long as you remain seated. You must put your face covering back on at the end of the concert and for the duration of your exit.

What social distancing measures are implemented?

We implement a distance of 1.5m between spectators when seated and require that they wear face coverings when moving about the venue, whenever a distance of two (2) metres is difficult to maintain.

What is your policy for latecomers?

Latecomers will be only admitted into the hall at a moment that is deemed appropriate by members of staff. They may also find themselves directed to different seats than those indicated on their tickets.

Can I exit the concert hall if I am feeling unwell?

You may exit the hall if you are feeling unwell and we would remind you to wear your face covering when moving about the venue and to exit as quietly as possible. You will be escorted to the First Aid room, where a security guard will assist you and review your symptoms.

What if I feel the need to cough during the concert?

If you feel the need to cough during the concert, we ask that you put on your face covering. If your coughing persists, an attendant will offer to usher you out of the hall for a review of symptoms associated with COVID-19. If it may reasonably be concluded that your coughing is not a symptom of COVID-19, you will be able to return to your seat at the next appropriate moment.

Are the seats disinfected between concerts?

Yes, the Maison symphonique will take care to disinfect the venue between each concert. Handrails, seat armrests, elevator buttons and other fittings are all carefully sanitized.

I require assistance getting to my seat. Can staff assist me throughout my visit to the Maison symphonique?

Yes, reception staff of the Maison symphonique are there to help you. If you need to use one of our self-service wheelchairs, rest assured that they are sanitized before and after each use.

How do musicians perform safely on stage if wearing a face covering is not an option for them?

For all our concerts, rows AA to CC will not seat any spectators for the safety of the musicians and of audiences. Moreover, works featured on the programmes call for ensemble sizes that enable a safe distance between the musicians on stage. Musicians who are able to wear face coverings while performing must do so.

Is it possible for wind players to transmit the virus while performing at the hall, given that they blow into their instruments?

Empirical studies have found that the maximum projection for droplets generated by wind players does not exceed 1.5m. Musicians will be distanced from each other so as to limit the possibility of transmission.

How many people are permitted to enter the hall?

According to current guidelines, approximately 950 people can attend the same concert, which includes staff and musicians. Seating for sale will be in accordance with Public Health spacing requirements. We will increase the number of available seats only in the event that Public Health issues an announcement permitting us to do so.

Given that the Maison symphonique is an enclosed space and that it is possible for COVID-19 to remain active in the air, is it safe to breathe the air at the MSM?

The air will be changed in the hall between each performance, further reducing the probability of spreading the virus from one performance to the next.

Digital concerts

2-1 Programming

Are concerts presented according to a specific schedule?

The webcast begins on the day and at the time indicated on the concert page. While concerts start their broadcast at a specific time and date, please note that they remain available for viewing several days following their inital online posting.* You may therefore enjoy the flexibility of viewing concerts at your convenience!

*The end date of each webcast can be found on its concert page. 


What is the cost of tickets per concert?

OSM concerts available via webcast are priced at $20/concert. Bundle rate of 15% off with the purchase of viewings to all available concerts.

Can I book a ticket for one concert only?

Yes, you may reserve for the number of concerts you wish to view. 

What is included with the booking of a ticket?

After making your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email along with (a) personalized link(s) for viewing your concert(s). You will also receive, 48 hours before each broadcast is scheduled to begin, you will also receive by email the program as well as exclusive content to enrich your viewing experience. 

I booked my ticket(s) but still have not received an email with (a) personalized link(s) to view concerts. What should I do?

Have you checked your spam folder? If a link is still not received, click here to contact our customer service. 

2.3 - Payment

What methods of payment are accepted?

Only online credit card payments using VISA or MASTERCARD are accepted.  

I reside outside of Canada and my payment was declined. What can I do?

Due to American legislation, Visa credit card payments from the following countries will not be accepted:

  • Belarus
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Cuba
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Liberia
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Zimbabwe

If the country from which your payment originates is not listed above but your payment is nevertheless declined, please contact your banking institution.

If someone else has authorized me to pay with their credit card, can I do so?

Yes, you may pay using another person’s credit card, provided you identify the cardholder by full name and billing address. 

2.4- Before and during viewing

How do I view concerts?

Concerts can be accessed via the personalized link sent to you by email after confirmation of the transaction. Simply click on the link to open your session in a browser, whether on your computer, tablet or smartphone. To view a concert on your television, connect your device via HDMI cable or use a wireless projector such as Airplay or Chromecast. Then sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the concert! 

What is meant by a “personalized” link?

You will receive one link per concert before each one is broadcast. A personalized link means that access is reserved for one user only and thus may not be shared. If someone connects to a concert using your code, it may not be subsequently reused. Therefore, it is important to hold on to your codes after purchase and not to share them with anyone.   

I booked several tickets. How do I proceed?

You will receive one personalized link per ticket. You will therefore need to transfer each personalized link to the people for whom you purchased tickets 

I don’t seem able to view the concert in full-screen mode. What should I do?

You will be able to enter full-screen mode only once the concert has begun. 

If my screen is blank, what should I do?

Your internet connection is surely the reason for this problem. The standard speed for an internet connection is 4 Mpbs. You can verify your connection on this site.

Will I be able to view concerts I purchased a second time?

Yes, the code associated with the personalized link sent to you will allow you to view the concert as many times as you wish for the full duration of the appointed viewing period

Will I be able to pause the concert while viewing it?

Yes, we wish to offer you maximum flexibility. You can pause the concert at any time and resume it at any time during the appointed viewing period.

I received a message saying that my link was used on more than one device. What should I do?

Make sure that nobody else has opened your personalized link and that you have not opened it yourself on more than one device or in another browser.