Season 2023 2024

Season 2023-2024

The OSM’s new season also marks the Orchestra’s 90th anniversary. Since its founding in 1934 by Antonia Nantel, Wilfrid Pelletier and Athanase David, many musicians and guest artists have successively perpetuated the excellence of this institution.

And again this season, many exceptional national and international artists will appear on the stage of the Maison symphonique to conduct or perform with the Orchestra, such as OSM Conductor Emeritus Kent Nagano, soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan, cellist Alisa Weilerstein, conductor Christoph Eschenbach, as well as pianists Maria João Pires and Katia and Marielle Labèque.

Maestro Rafael Payare invites the public to (re) discover the richness of the symphonic repertoire for large orchestra through works by French, Russian and South American composers. The contemporary works in this season’s program will reveal new sound and emotional horizons for the audience. The 2023–2024 program will also mark the 10th anniversary of the Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique.

The OSM, led by Rafael Payare, offers you stimulating, intense and varied concerts, for an ever-renewed experience. Come discover our 2023–2024 programming!


Come celebrate 90 years of musical experiences! You can plan your outings with your own preferences in mind and not miss a beat of this extraordinary season! This year, two subscription packages are available: opt for simplicity with a Series subscription or for flexibility with an À la carte subscription.



Discover our selections of 4 to 6 concerts presenting major works with renowned guests. Each series is specially crafted for you to attend throughout the days of the week.


Design your own musical experience by creating a customized subscription! Choose a minimum of 3 concerts that suit your schedule and musical tastes from among our entire programming for this season, and save 20%.


Unlock Maestro status when you select 10 or more concerts and enjoy a 25% rebate on all additional tickets.

*To take advantage of this offer, please contact our advisory services team directly at 514-842-9951 | 1-800-842-9951.


You can renew your subscription online.

Our season is packed with a multitude of concerts to satisfy all tastes.

Discover our advisors’ top picks.


Distinguished guests

Through their charisma, mastery of their art, and acute aesthetic sensibility, some performers have a way of moving us and of kindling that small flame that lights up our lives. Attending a concert with Maria João Pires, Barbara Hannigan or Hervé Niquet is a special moment to be seized and shared.


Essentials of the repertoire

Spectacular, inventive, revolutionary, some works have travelled through eras and become mainstays of the orchestral repertoire. The OSM lets you hear such timeless masterpieces by Beethoven, Mahler and Stravinsky in the extraordinary acoustics of the Maison symphonique. Not to be enjoyed in moderation!


Top pick concerts with Rafael Payare

All season long, Maestro Rafael Payare conducts signature works of the repertoire, imbuing them with all the distinctive passion and vigour for which he is known. Emblematic of major transformations in the history of music, such works have the extraordinary ability to elevate our everyday lives. Let the magic begin with Beethoven, Shostakovich and Messiaen!


Discoveries, discoveries

Ever eager to spark audiences’ curiosity, the OSM invites you to discover little-known works and familiar pieces in unusual instrumentations. The varicoloured organ, radiant trumpet, and crystalline harp are prime partners in these unforgettable musical adventures!


First OSM experience

Come discover the orchestral repertoire’s many facets with works that are alternately colourful, refined and visionary. Travel through outer space with Holst, move to the rhythms of South American works, or treat yourself to a more intimate moment of artful musing with Mozart: so many unique and exhilarating experiences to be had throughout the season!


Artist-in-residence for the 2023-2024 season

Barbara Hannigan

A soprano and conductor of international stature, Barbara Hannigan will be the OSM’s artist-in-residence for the 2023-2024 season. Originally from Nova Scotia, she rapidly became known as one of today’s foremost singers, and she has left her mark on contemporary music, having premiered some 85 works. A multifaceted artist, Barbara Hannigan dedicates a portion of her activities to orchestral conducting, and is one of the rare artists to conduct an orchestra while singing. With the OSM, she will present a ground-breaking production of Poulenc’s La voix humaine, combining live projections with pre-recorded film. Addressing both the audience and the Orchestra, Barbara Hannigan will incarnate the role of “Elle,” the heroine of this monodrama, in the double role of singer and conductor.

Audiovisual production

Public partners