Wilfrid Pelletier Circle

Wilfrid Pelletier Circle


The Wilfrid-Pelletier Circle, named in honour of the Orchestra’s first Music Director, recognizes the generous music lovers who have chosen to include the OSM in their wills or through any other form of planned donation (life insurance policy, non-immediate donation of shares).

Welcoming you into the Wilfrid-Pelletier Circle enables us recognize your generosity by extending to you certain exclusive privileges and events during your lifetime, while celebrating the significance of your bequest for the Orchestra’s future. Your commitment will also serve as an example, inspiring other donors to bestow a legacy to music in Quebec.

To reach the Planned Giving team, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 514-840-7404.

Recognition to match your contribution!

As a donor, you enjoy several exclusive privileges and events.

  • Annual recognition as a member of the Wilfrid-Pelletier Circle
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Official recognition in concert programmes, annual report and on the website
  • Tax benefits

A warm thank you to our donors who have committed to supporting the OSM in perpetuity.

Don’t miss our upcoming events!

These events are exclusive to Major Gits Donors and members of the Wilfrid-Pelletier Circle.

Examples of projects carried out thanks to your donations!

Chair Sponsorship


Youth Concerts

What our donors are saying…

“Sharing is a principle I inherited from my parents. It seems natural to me to want the OSM to benefit from this money so that it can continue to create educational programs to develop and attract future generations of music lovers.”

– Marina Gusti, Honour Circle and Wilfrid-Pelletier Circle donor

“We believe in life we define who we are by the communities we belong to, that giving is the highest and most effective expression of belonging, and giving back in any capacity and in any way, is a more fulfilling and joyful experience than receiving.”

– Bita and Paolo Cattelan, Honour Circle donors and members of the Wilfrid-Pelletier Circle

To reach the Planned Giving team, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 514-840-7404.